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Lenntek Corporation Announces Hookup ® a Wireless Accessory Connecting your iPod and Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phone

Lenntek Corporation, innovator of technical accessories for a free lifestyle announces Hookup ® a wireless receiver that connects your iPod with your cell phone allowing you to toggle between streaming music and accepting mobile calls.

Toss your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and your iPod into your backpack or briefcase and liberate yourself from the tethers of technology. Hookup by Lenntek is a "made for iPod" cultural accessory that gives you the freedom to work and play

Here's how it works.

Hookup by Lenntek includes a transmitter adaptor that plugs into your iPod to wirelessly connect your iPod to Hookup. The Hookup has the same functions as your iPod, allowing you to enjoy standard iPod functions as play, pause, volume, forward and reverse.

When an incoming mobile call is received on your Bluetooth enabled phone, you can switch between streaming music to answering the call. The receiver will pause your music and allow you to answer the call remotely. Complete your call and toggle back to streaming music.

According to Dan Tsai, Managing Director for Lenntek Corporation, ?Hookup is similar in function to the universal remote control. It integrates cutting-edge technology to connect your devices through one convenient wireless package."

Technical and Design Specifications

  • Wirelessly connects Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and iPod (30G, 60G, 4th
    Generation and above)
  • Incorporates high performance Wolfson signal processors
    Even numbered harmonics to give the system warm tube tones
    iPod transmitter adaptor to allow iPod charging and iTunes downloading
    without disconnecting from iPod
  • Cool blue slow pulsing LED

Pricing and Availability
Hookup by Lenntek is priced at $129.99 and is available immediately at
wherever quality iPod and media accessories are sold. Hookup by Lenntek
includes: 1 iPod Transmitter adaptor, 1 iPod receiver with a rechargeable Li
Ion battery, 1 protective case to hold iPod and transmitter and 1
instruction manual.

About Lenntek Corporation
Lenntek Corporation is dedicated to developing innovative cultural
accessories and peripherals for the high-end hi-fi audio market. For more
information visit us online at www.lenntek.com <http://www.lenntek.com> or
call us 310-534-2738 ex 122.

Hookup is a registered trademark of Lenntek Corporation. iPod is a
registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Bluetooth is a registered
trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of
their respective owners.

Torrance, CA (Nov, 2006):

• Wirelessly joins your iPod
and your cell phone.
• High quality stereo audio.
• Works with iPod vidoe 30GB

From amazon.com:

The Hookup is a "Made for iPod" device.

Designed to work with iPod Video 30GB/60GB/80GB, iPod w/ color display 40GB/60GB, iPod w/ color dispaly 20GB/30GB, iPod 20GB/40GB.

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