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Welcome to a fine collection of Kabbalah jewelry, books, posters and other items. Many of these items are in our own personal collections, so we can highly recommend them.

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Whether you spell it as Kabbalah or Kabalah or even Kaballah, or with a C as Cabala or Cabalah, or with a Q as Qabalah or Quaballah it is the pronounciation of the three Hebrew letters Q B L (pronounced as Ka Ba La).

The jewish religion has practice Kabbalah for centuries. Madonna has made Kabbalah visible to modern day Americans with her recent affirmation of the Jewish faith and changin her name to Esther. The Kabbalah red string bracelet jewelry she wears is more from a modern interpretation of the mystical Kabala than from the Jewish religion. Learn more about Kabbalah through links on our site.

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Special Feature: Kabbalah Jewelry

The Kabbalah Bracelet you have heard about! Great for a gift from that special someone to yourself!

Repel negative energy with this lovely interwoven Kabbalah red string bracelet. When worn, the bracelet should be placed on the left wrist as according to lore this is the receiving side of the soul.

The Kabbalah Red String Bracelet is the same jewelry worn by Madonna and others to ward off evil. The Kabbalah red string bracelet has become popular among other celebrities.

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Price: $95.00
Retail Value: $195.00 Save: 51%
Usually ships in 1-2 business days from Ice.com.

Guaranteed 30-day Money-back Guarantee. Includes Authenticity Certificate.

Product Details
Metal Information:
14Kt Yellow Gold Bracelet
Finish Polished
Weight: 2.8 Grams
Length: 7 Inches

The Ten Sefirot of the Kabbalah

Fine-Art Print, 24x36 was $28.00, now only $24.99


The Initiatic Gnostic Kabbalah Poster (Samael Aun Weor)

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