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Kosherline gift baskets are Kosher certified

Kosher gift baskets for many occassions

Kosherline also has a great selection of Kosher holiday gift baskets for Mother's Day gift baskets, Mothers Day and Father's Day gift baskets, Wedding and Shower gift baskets, Chanukah gift baskets, Hanukah gift baskets, and Thanksgiving gift baskets.

Kosherline can help you with any special occasion such as new Kosher baby and welcome baby gift baskets, thank you gift baskets, and Kosher house warming gift baskets.

Kosherline has Kosher certified gift baskets and gourmet gift baskets for all occasions and special events. They specialize in strictly kosher gourmet gift baskets, kosher shiva gifts. The wide selection from the Kosherline web site features Condolence (Shiva) baskets, Baked Goods, Breakfast Baskets, Chocolates & Caramels, Dried Fruit & Nuts, Gourmet Gift Towers, Gourmet Seafood, Gourmet Food Baskets, Keepsake Chests, Tea & Coffee.

Featuring large leather & wood treasure chest! Travel with our gourmet kosher cookies, crackers, sweets, coffee, and nuts from around the world. Strictly kosher. The Leather & wood treasure chest measures 16" x 10" x 7".

Includes 8.8 oz. all-natural apricot or pomegranate preserves from Carmel Farms in Israel, 8.8 oz. Landver fresh roasted breakfast coffee, 6 oz. almond jewels dark chocolate (whole almonds cove red in rich dark chocolate with truly unique jeweled finish), 6 oz. yummy earth pomegranate pucker artisanal candy (organic & hand crafted with natural fruit extracts), 5.96 oz. old-fashioned ginger bread cookies in the shape of a bear paw print, 4.41 oz. rosemary & olive oil crisp baked crackers from Israel, 4 oz. handmade vanilla pecan melt-in-your mouth thimble cookies, 4 oz. moist amaretto liquor cake, 4 oz. buttery toffee chunks, 4 oz. handmade vanilla caramel twists, 3.9 oz. finest honey macadamia nougat from South Africa, 3 oz. bing, tart & rainier naturally dried cherry medley, 2.5 oz. delicious chocolate chip pecan gourmet cookies, 1.5 oz. sweet mix (soynut, almond & fruit nibbles), 1.5 oz. tasty mix (salty / sweet nibbles), presented in keepsake leather & wood chest, and your personal message. Under kosher supervision of one or more of the following: OU, Kof-K, Star-K and OK Labs. Boxed weight: 10 lbs. Dimensions (closed): 16" x 10" x 8". USA and Canada delivery only.

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