Shopping: Holiday 2007

HDTV Sets and Laptops Top Holiday Wish Lists

iPhone Ranked #15 but Apple Laptops Hot Among Women

Three-in-four (76%) have at least one digital lifestyle product on their wish lists leading up to the Christmas season according to a national survey of 1,200 American consumers by Solutions Research Group.

The top ten wish list items overall were:

1. flat screen high definition TV set - on the wish list of 35%
2. laptop (windows) (20%)
3. digital camera (17%)
4. desktop PC (14%)
5. GPS navigation unit for the car (10%)
6. cell phone (10%)
7. digital video camera (9%)
8. Nintendo Wii (9%)
9. Sony PS3 (7%)
10. Blu-ray or HD-DVD player (6%)

-- HD-capable flat screen TVs were number one with a bullet among all
population subgroups with 35% of mentions. Interestingly, most of
those HD sets will not deliver true HD to their owners, as only 2%
also intend to get a HD box from their cable or satellite company
(ranked at #20 on the list).

-- Apple's iPhone was ranked #15 overall. The hottest Apple-branded
product was a laptop, ranked #11 overall and #9 among women.

-- While no individual Apple product ranked higher than #11 on the wish
lists, when combined, Apple-branded technology products make it to the
top 5 overall with one-in-six considering purchase, suggesting strong
potential holiday season for the company.

-- Men and women had six items in common in the top 10 - the rest were
unique by gender. Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 were on the top 10 list of men
but did not make it to the top 10 list of women. On the other hand,
TiVo/DVR and Apple laptops were in the top 10 for women but did not
show up on men's wish lists for the holidays.

-- Laptops were preferred over desktop PCs 2-to-1 among those 18-34.
Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 were all on 18-34 lists - Nintendo
Wii was the highest ranked console, ranked #8 overall, edging out Sony
PS3 which came in at #9. Xbox was ranked #12.

-- Digital cameras are popular across all age groups - ranked #2 or #3 in
all age or gender groups.

-- GPS navigation for cars is mainstreaming - it was ranked #5 item among
men and #7 among women.

The information in this release come from Digital Life America - Holiday 2007 Edition. The results cited are based on a survey of 1,200 online Americans aged 18 and older in September 2007 using a professionally-managed panel representative of the US online population. To maintain an unbiased perspective, Solutions Research Group funds its own syndicated research. For a PDF of this release with graphics, please go to

Source: Solutions Research Group
TORONTO, Oct. 10, 2007 /PRNewswire/ --

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