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Europe's top comparision shopping site- PriceRunner

The leading European price comparison website is PriceRunner (pricerunner.com)

PriceRunner is the only independent Internet comparison service. This way, PriceRunner customers always get the best price as the web site lists the cheapest price first, regardless of retailers paying to be on PriceRunner or not.

PriceRunner's web site lists product retailers. It does not sell any products directly. On the PriceRunner web site, compare products and prices from hundreds of retailers, side-by-side. Choose the best deal whenever you are shopping online.

PriceRunner UK

In the United Kingdom, PriceRunner provides the most comprehensive service for the United Kingdom market with more than 2.6 million prices listed from over 4,000 retailers. Visit www.pricerunner.co.uk

PriceRunner DE Vergleichen Sie, bevor Sie kaufen

PriceRunner - Vergleichen Sie, bevor Sie kaufenPriceRunner DE ist einer der führenden europäischen Produkt- und Preisvergleichsdienste im Internet. Preise bei PriceRunner.de vergleichen

PriceRunner bietet einen effizienten und umfassenden Vergleich von Produkten, Preisen und Lieferbedingungen von Online- und Offline-Shops.

So können sich Verbraucher bequem im Internet informieren und schnell eine optimale Kaufentscheidung treffen. In England und Schweden wurde PriceRunner schon mehrfach als bester Preisvergleichsdienst ausgezeichnet. PriceRunner.de

PriceRunner UK, DE and FR provides lists of up-to-date prices for each product, reviews of retailers written by their previous customers, product specification filters to help you choose the product you want.

PriceRunner's service has the highest bookmark rate and average visit time of all their competitors in the UK. PriceRunner retails include, Dixons, Comet, Dell, Pixmania, Digital direct and Misco.

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Compare prices to thousands of retailers across Europe with PriceRunner.

PriceRunner has web site in the following countries:

Sound & Vision
All TVs, MP3 Players, Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, Phones, Mobile Phones

Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Memory Cards

Games & Consoles
Consoles, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3

Computers & Software
Laptops, PDAs, Software, Printers

Home Appliances
Washing Machines, Vacuums, Microwaves

DVD, Blu-ray, CDs, Books

Mobile Phones
Pay Monthly, PAYG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson

Kids & Family
Toys, Pushchairs, Baby Care

Health & Beauty
Perfume, Aftershave, Contact Lenses

Clothing & Accessories
Shoes, Kids Clothing, Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing

Jewelery & Watches
Watches, Rings, Bracelets

Home & Garden
Garden furniture, Bedroom, Furniture, Flowers, Gifts, Wine

Office Products
Office Supplies, Ink & Toner, Photocopiers Office Equipment

Sports Equipment
Fitness, Golf, Football, Sportswear, Bikes

Financial Services
Gas and Electricity, Digital TV,

Car Hire, Flights, Hotels, Holidays