Salsa is the ketsup of the Southwest US and Mexico. The word translates as "sauce." It is usually a spicy recipe of tomatoes, chilis and peppers.

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While fresh homemade salsa is preferred, it is not always possible to prepare. That's why we are offering these products to our visitors. In many parts of the world, salsa is not available in stores.


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Roasted Garlic Salsa

Roasted Garlic Salsa

Packed with garlic, sliced olives, tomato chunks, and hot chiles, this chunky salsa is rich and flavorful. Pair with tostadas, crackers, pasta salads, or toss with goat cheese and serve on crusty French bread.

Mango Salsa With Peach

Mango Salsa With Peach

Salsa is the Spanish (and Italian) word for sauce. This all-natural salsa contains chunks of mangos mingled with tomatoes, chiles, peppers, onions, peaches and spices, giving it a sweet, tangy flavor. Use right out the jar as a dip with chips, or use as a

Homestyle Salsa

Homestyle Salsa

This homestyle salsa is a blend of tomatoes, onions, serrano peppers, cilantro, and seasonings. Enjoy this all purpose picante sauce as a dip, on tacos, enchiladas, meat, seafood, soup or pizza.

Carlamari In Salsa Nera

Carlamari In Salsa Nera

This tinned squid is packed in a sauce of its own ink, tomato and spices. This traditional Mediterranean preparation is used as part of an antipasto platter. Toss in pasta, or in rice dishes to add flavor and an intriguing black color. Serve on toast, or

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Pineapple Salsa

List: $8.95. Buy New: $6.95

Mild flavor, 13 oz.,product of Hawaii. Contains Pineapple chunks. Ingredients: tomatoes, pineapple, Maui onions, Thai peppers.

Los Tios Chipotle Salsa
8-ounce only: $4.00

Made with roasted tomatoes and garlic. Delicious. Great to cook with. Smoky Flavor. Ingredients: Tomatoes, chipotle peppers, onions, vinegar, garlic, vegetable oil(s) (soybean, &/or safflower), salt, water, calcium chloride, citric acid, spices, natural flavors. Also 12 and 32 oz available.

Salsa Making Kits

LaCuisine Salsa Maker/Food ProcessorLaCuisine Salsa Maker/Food Processor
List Price: $21.95. Sale: $6.99

This compact, easy to operate food processor will make chopping a pleasure. It comes with two attachments, one for chopping and one for beating. Simply place the appropriate blade in the container, cover, turn the handle, and you are on the way to great tasting home made salsa, cole slaw, and spreads. You can even make your own dips and home made salad dressings in a snap! Includes triple action rotary chopper, and rotary beater. Container measures 6 1/2'' x 3'' deep. Gift boxed 2 lbs. Please Note: We are striving to keep our cost down so we can offer you great prices and low shipping charges. We even pay your standard shipping on all orders over $75.00 and we only charge $6.99 flat rate for all orders below $75.00 (inside the contiguous USA).

Norpro Hand-Operated 2-Speed Salsa Maker and Mini-Food Processor
Kitchen; Buy New: $12.99

This mini food processor has the double title of "salsa maker" for good reason: the tradeoff for its tasty purchase price is a bit of extra time chopping and dicing-- best for small batches of sauce or salsas.

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The Great Salsa Book
Mark Miller; Paperback; Buy New: $10.47 (Save $4.48)

Since salsa has replaced ketchup as America's number-one condiment, Coyote Cafe chef Miller, with accomplices, introduces even more of this kind of side dish. In 100 recipes, salsas are ranked 0-to-10 on a mild-to-hot scale, and incorporate a variety of backyard and exotic ingredients.

Salsas That Cook : Using Classic Salsas To Enliven Our Favorite Dishes
Rick Bayless; Paperback; Buy New: $12.60 (save $5.40)

There's a lot more going on with salsa than its traditional role as a dip or dunk for corn chips. Rick Bayless, author of the bestselling Mexican Kitchen, is on a mission to prove to home cooks everywhere that this spicy sauce adds oomph to pasta, zest to meats, passion to potatoes and other foods.

Salsa Lovers Cook Book: More Than 180 Sensational Salsa Recipes for Appetizers, Salads, Main Dishes and Desserts
S.K. Bollin; Spiral-bound; Buy New: $6.95

Secrets of Salsa/Secretos De LA Salsa: A Bilingual Cookbook
Kira Brennan; Hardcover; Buy New: $10.47

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Salsa Around the World Audio CD;
List Price: $15.98
Discount Price: $14.99
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