Virtualmall: The Sharper Image

The Sharper Image selects Camelot Venture Group to relaunch is back and under new ownership

Sharper ImageThe Sharper Image announced that Camelot Venture Group has designed, developed and launched the new virtual store. Visit the new

The website lets customers experience, research and purchase the latest Sharper Image branded products and more. Product video clips, access to real-time customer support and company-related information will provide a content-rich shopping experience.

Camelot also acquired the rights for catalog creative and sales. Plans include a Holiday Gift Guide for fall 2009 and a full catalog mailing in 2010.

"Quality, innovation and design are all cornerstones of The Sharper Image brand. We are pleased to partner with Camelot Venture Group to deliver on these brand promises," said Federico de Bellegarde, VP of Licensing at The Sharper Image.

"The site will feature a broad assortment of products from our best-in-class licensees to create a fully integrated and immersive Sharper Image experience. The new on-line virtual store coupled with specialty and department store distribution follows the brand's multichannel heritage."

"Creating the virtual store for The Sharper Image, an American icon of innovation and creativity is an opportunity that Camelot Venture Group has embraced enthusiastically," said David Katzman Managing Partner at Camelot Venture Group.

"The brand's loyal customer base expects an experience that pushes the boundaries of functionality and imagination, and we will deliver that and much more."


The Sharper Image offers a broad range of exciting, innovative and technology rich products of superior quality and design. The Sharper Image is owned by a joint venture between Bluestar Alliance, Hilco Consumer Capital and Gordon Brothers. For more information, please visit


Camelot Venture Group is a private investment group that invests primarily in direct to consumer companies including online, catalog, retail, technology, financial services and sports management. For more information, please visit

Shop for gifts or for yourself through our window to The Sharper Image's catalog. The Sharper Image Ionic Breeze and other popular products. Each link connects you directly to The Sharper Image's Web site.

The Sharper Image accepts orders for delivery worldwide. All orders placed through these links to The Sharper Image website are processed in U.S. dollars and fulfilled from their U.S. distribution centers. Shipping charges are calculated at time of checkout for U.S. destinations only. When shopping for products to be shipped to Europe, please check their international Web sites first.

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