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Sushi Kits are easy to find online

Enjoy making sushi at home. Easy to use rolling kits, molds and sushi makers can make you a Master Sushi Chef in no time.

To start with a sushi kit, you need some simple ingredients and utensils that can be found in many Asian markets, and some supermarkets. But not everyone has an Asian market nearby.

The internet makes is possible to have those needed items mailed directly to any home or business. Hard to find sushi kits are readily available.

How to make your own sushi rolls with a sushi kit

If you want to make your own sushi kit, you need a few ingredients. Using a bamboo maki rolling mat is the traditional method to roll sushi.

Sushi is easy to make, but it’s the hand rolling part that usually throws novice makers for a loop. Maki machines replace the bamboo mat and makes sushi rolling foolproof. Some manufacturers have smaller, discounted, sushi making kits that contain all the tools needed.

Sushi makers are the ultimate tool to create more perfect sushi. Using molds to shape the rice take out the skill needed to roll on a mat without crumbling the rice.

Sushi kits will often contain instruction manuals with step by step procedures on how to roll or make sushi. The sushi kits will also often contain other cooking ingredients like strips of nori (the toasted seaweed used to make maki rolls), sushi-grade rice (store bought rice does not have the same consistency as sushi-grade rice), soy sauce (often containing a mixture of additional flavors), pickled ginger and vinegar.

Cooking utensils like sushi knives, spatula and other kitchenware may be included. The larger the sushi kit, the more supplies provided. Look for sushi kits that suit your budget. The larger ones often contain more amounts of the same ingredients.

Buying a prepared sushi kit takes out the worry of missing items. For beginners, an assembled sushi kit is the way to get started since these kits are designed to provided everything needed (except for the fish- the sashimi).

How to use a sushi kit

Once a sushi kit is obtained, and the instruction mnaul is read, some novices might still not feel comfortable rolling sushi without instruction. While videos on making sushi can help, the best way is to visit a local Japanese restaurant with a sushi bar, order a few rolls and watch carefully how the chef prepares it. You can ask simple questions like, "How long do you cook the rice?" "What type of rice do you use?" Watch cafefully how the chef slices the fish to prepare a piece. Look at the rolling technqiue. Some chefs have mastered their own rolling, slicing and preparing techniques.

Fresh sashimi (sushi without the rice roll) can be purchased at some supermarkets (look for "sushi grade" only!!) or speciality markets. Sushi restaurants have their sashimi shipped from suppliers and usually do not use supermarket quality sushi-grade fish. Fresh sushi (sashimi) can be shipped.

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