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Valentine's Day Rose's
and Chocolate Bouquet

"This wildly romantic Valentine's Day gift combines roses, a luscious assortment of Ghirardelli chocolates and a vase she'll treasure. Made of hand-blown glass, it glows passionately with the look of love."

Tool Helps You Find the Perfect Mate, Just In Time for Valentine's Day

According to psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman, "birth order" is synonymous with relationship compatibility. Now millions of singles can benefit through a free matchmaking test based on birth order at www.drleman.com.

It's called the MatchWise Profile(TM), an easy-to-take free personal inventory created by Leman. Based on his birth order research, the MatchWise Profile(TM) reveals one's personality strengths and offers suggestions for the perfect match for the individual looking for a soul mate.

"The MatchWise Profile(TM) offers a highly accurate picture of the personality traits you were given at birth. This unique, five-minute test is based on the well-documented fact that your birth order influences the way you relate to others - especially those of the opposite sex. Once you know these characteristics, any person can see how his or her personality strengths and patterns can lead to the best choice for a lasting love relationship," says Leman.

Notes Leman, "The 15 multiple-question MatchWise Profile(TM) works because it's based on 30 years of indisputable study. Many, in fact, who read their instant assessment say, `I always thought I had some clues about my personality and the kind of person I might like to meet. Now I know for sure.'"

The free MatchWise Profile(TM) provides a confidential report that details and describes how one's personality strengths, tendencies and patterns best complement another's. It's the perfect tool for Valentine's Day.

Leman points out, "The MatchWise Profile(TM) works for people looking for a relationship that leads to marriage, friendship, pen pals, or finding a friend who will just listen. It's all about companionship and compatibility." See it at www.drleman.com.

ABOUT DR. KEVIN LEMAN: Leman is the author of 21 books on birth order and how to cultivate rewarding, lasting relationships. He has been a frequent contributor to CNN's American Morning with Paula Zahn and has been a featured guest on numerous radio and television programs including Oprah, CBS' The Early Show, Live with Regis and Kelly,

Today, The View with Barbara Walters, and Focus on the Family. Dr. Leman has also served as a consulting family psychologist to the television program Good Morning America.

This release was issued through eReleases(TM). For more information, visit http://www.ereleases.com/.

Source: Dr. Kevin Leman. TUCSON, Ariz., Feb. 13, 2004 /PRNewswire/

Looking for Passion This Valentine's Day?
You May Be Disappointed

Survey finds romantics are sensible and
like to spend time with the kids

If you're expecting your honey to plan an intimate evening for two and give you an expensive gift this Valentine's Day, you may be in for a big letdown. People who say they're romantic also say they're "thrifty," "practical," "family-oriented," and "spiritual."

That's what Porter Novelli's Styles survey found when we asked romantics to describe themselves. Proving that romance can exist in every day life, romantics also say it's very important to have free time to spend with family and live in neighborhoods where it is safe for children to play.

Styles does show that some notions about romantics are true. People who say they're romantic tend to:

  • Buy fresh flowers more often than the general public;
  • Go out to dinner more often and;
  • Be More likely to say that the way they look is important to them.

Women are also more likely to describe themselves as romantic -- about 44% of women say they are romantic compared to just over 37% of men.

But other assumptions about romantics aren't borne out by Styles data. Romantics are no more likely than non-romantics to eat chocolate regularly, and half of all romantics choose the word "thrifty" to describe themselves.

"Romantics are perceived as not in touch with the real world," said Dr. Deanne Weber, research director at Porter Novelli. "We've found that they're just the opposite. Romantics are grounded people -- they're married, they're employed, they make dinner for their families every night -- but they are able to include romance in the familiar and comfortable things they do."

Styles is a proprietary database compiled from three extensive annual surveys, ConsumerStyles, HealthStyles, and YouthStyles, that offer insights into the preferences, needs and behaviors of American families. The ConsumerStyles database is a comprehensive look at what the American public is currently purchasing, where they are shopping, their attitudes toward products and service and how to reach them through the media. HealthStyles is a comprehensive look at health beliefs, attitudes, social norms, and behaviors surrounding important public health concerns such as smoking, alcohol use, nutrition and physical activity. YouthStyles provides a combination of behavioral, motivational, and communications data necessary to develop effective campaigns targeting youth.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 12, 2003 /PRNewswire/

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