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Zagat Survey is the world's leading provider of consumer survey-based restaurant, nightlife, travel and leisure information, with more than 250,000 voters participating worldwide.

Zagat Survey's unique approach spearately rates the distinct qualities of a restaurant (Food, Decor, Service and Cost) on a 30-point scale. Zagat Survey 's format allows people to search for and find the best places to meet their individual needs based on a variety of criteria.

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News releases from Zagat Surveys:

Zagat Releases New Chicago Restaurants Guide. Wildfire and Alinea Respectively Win Titles for Popularity and Top Food; Surveyors Go Green, Service Remains the Industry's Weak Link

Zagat Launches 2008 Texas Restaurants Guide Covering 1,505 Eateries in Five Cities

Zagat Releases 29th Annual New York City Restaurants Guide, Average Meal Cost Holds Steady, Prices at High End Soar; Daniel Wins for Food; Union Square Cafe for Popularity; Gordon Ramsay as Top Newcomer; Overall, New York City's Kitchens Rate Far Higher than Front of the Houses; Small is the New Big; Brooklyn and Online Services Make Breakthroughs

Zagat Reveals Results of Fast Food Survey. Wendy's & Panera Bread Co. Most Popular Fast-Fooders. Outback Places First Among Full-Service Chains. McDonald's Wins Fry Face-Off; Wendy's Bags Best Burger; Chick-fil-A Chicken Champ; Subway Tops For Healthy Options; Surveyors Cite Cleanliness As Biggest Irritant (5/11/07)

Zagat Goes Blackberry 2007 Edition
Zagat Survey, in partnership with Handmark (R), announced the launch of ZAGAT TO GO (SM), a mobile version of Zagat Survey's restaurant and nightlife guides made exclusively for BlackBerry (TM) users. In addition to comprehensive ratings and rankings for 24,000 spots in 71 different cities, ZAGAT TO GO offers a variety of BlackBerry optimized features including wireless content updates, detailed street-level maps, and turn-by-turn driving directions to desired destinations. Read more and buy from Amazon..

Zagat Survey Releases 2006/7 Guide To America's Top Golf Courses
Zagat Survey, the world's leading provider of consumer survey-based leisure content, released its 2006/7 guide to America's Top Golf Courses. The guide contains ratings and reviews for 1,095 of the best golf courses across the country.
It is based on the experiences of 6,000 avid golfers who played more than a half a million rounds of golf in the last twelve months alone. And in addition to ratings, rankings and reviews, the survey also includes golf travel tips and a variety of interesting facts about America's golfers and golf courses. Read more and purchase from Amazon...

Zagat Releases 2006 America's Top Restaurants Survey
Zagat Survey released its 2006 America's Top Restaurants guide. The book covers 1,352 eateries in 41 cities nationwide, surveyed by over 115,000 avid restaurant-goers. In addition to rating and reviewing the most significant eateries in each city, the Survey includes a great variety of comparative data regarding meal costs, tipping, favorite cuisines, customer complaints, frequency of dining out and much more. It also points to a variety of national dining trends and issues. Read more and purchase from Amazon...

Zagat Releases 2007 New York City Restaurant Survey
Zagat Survey released its 2007 New York City Restaurants guide. The newly-minted edition contains ratings and reviews for over 2,000 restaurants based on roughly 5.4 million meals eaten by a record 30,911 Zagat surveyors across all five boroughs. In addition, the guide spotlights new trends driving the world's finest culinary scene. Read more and purchase...

Zagat Surveys

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Zagat 2007 America's Top Restaurants

(Zagatsurvey: America's Top Restaurants) (Paperback) by Shelley Gallagher (Editor), Robert Seixas (Editor). Released October 26, 2006.

Zagat 2007 Top U.s. Hotels, Resorts & Spas

(Zagatsurvey: Us Hotels, Resorts and Spas) (Paperback) by Donna Marino Wilkins (Editor), Troy Segal (Editor). Consumer based survey covering the top-rated hotels, resorts & spas across the U.S.A. Released November 2006.

Zagat 2007 Movie Guide

(Paperback) by Curt Gathje (Editor). The top films of all time, reviewed by thousands of avid moviegoers. Reduced price. Released September 6, 2006.

Zagat Survey 2007 San Francisco, CA Bay Area Restaurants

Zagat 2007 Los Angeles So. California Restaurants

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