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The Jewish-occupied region in Europe, known as Galicia, had been under Austrian, Polish and Soviet rule over the centuries.

Galicia is generally the eastern half of the former Austrian province of Galacia (Galizien). This eastern portion was predominately Jewish, while the western part was more Polish.

During the Austrian period (1772-1918) it was known as East Galicia (Ost-Galizien, Skhidna Halychyna and Galicja Wschodnia).

The term Galicia and Galacia is often interchanged. For purposes on this web site, the spelling for Galicia is for the European pronounciaton and Galacia for the Spanish locale.

The Galacia region in Spain shares a similar name. The only connection may be that the decendants of Spanish Galacia renamed their new homeland in the Austria-region as Galicia.

Included on this page are collections of links that are relevant to tourism and genealogy in Galicia. Resources courtesy of Robert Zucker, a Galician descendent.


Galicia Genealogy

History of Galicia and historical records online

Polish Galicia


Lviv (Lemberg)

Bolechow, Austria

Bolechow (in German and Polish), ("Bolekhov" in Yiddish), ("Bolekhiv" in Ukranian), (other spellings: Boletrov, Bolihov, Bolechov) is southeast of Lemberg (L'viv), a mecca for Jews in the area. Several books references to Bolechow, Lemberg and Galicia are found below. Lattitude/Longitude: 49°04´/23°52´

From the Bolechow: Name Authority file from Library of Congress on Bolechow:

    • Bolekhiv (Ukraine)
    • Bolechow (Ukraine)
    • Bolekhov (Ukraine)
    • Bolekhiv (Ukraine)
    • Bolechow (Ukraine)
    • nne Bolekhov (Ukraine)
    • NUCMC data from Jewish Historical Society of Maryland (Baltimore) for Laufer, S. Papers, 1908-1978 (Bolechow; in Galicia area of Ukraine)
    • Ukraina [MAP] 1992: (Bolekhiv)
    • Ukr. rad. entsykl.: v. 1, p. 519 (Bolekhiv, town in Ivano-Frankivska oblast; known since 14th cent.) BGN gaz., USSR: (Bolekhov. popl.: 49p0s 04 N., 23p0s 52 E.) Col. Lip. gazeteer, 1976 (Bolekhov, Ukraine)

Traveling to Bolechov:

History and Research:

Jewish History in Galicia and Bukovina. Photographs of Bolechow were made by Dr. Vladimir Levin in August 2009, during the expedition to the Ivano-Frankivsk region. http://www.jewishgalicia.net/Gallery/Bolechow.aspx

Bolechov Research Summary from jewishgen.org. Photos, map, research and related links: http://kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/Bolekhov/index.htm


History of the Jews in Bolechov at the end of the 18th Century

Holocaust Museum Memorial Book Collection

Surnames of residents of Bolechow and Galicia, (FEEHS database)

Warsaw Voice: buses made in Bolechow 1/14/96

Deportations to Belzec with mention of Bolechow

Cemetary Project of JewishGen listing and description of Bolekhov

Bolechov Jewish Cemetaries http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/Bolekhov/cemetary-1.htm

Smon Wisenthal Center Info on Belochov: http://motlc.learningcenter.wiesenthal.org/text/x03/xm0397.html

A Krakow Zucker Family Tree: http://www.ics.uci.edu/~dan/genealogy/Krakow/Families/Zucker.html

Yizkor Books on Bolechow

Yizkor: Memorial book of the martyrs of Bolechow, Bolekhov (Bolechów), Ukraine. 49°04' / 23°52'. Translation of Sefer ha-zikaron le-kedoshei Bolechow. Edited by: Y. Eshel. Published by the Association of Former Residents of Bolechow in Israel, 1957: http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/bolekhov/bolekhov.html

Yizkor Books in the Holocaust Center of Northern California
"S. ha-Z. le-kedoshei Bolechow" (Memorial book of the Martyrs of B.) (1957, 352 pp) [H,Y], Y. Eshel, Ed., (: Assn Former Residents of Bolechow in Israel) [Bolihov*]

UCLA Library Eastern European Yizkor Books

"Bolekov Yizkor Book" from JewishGen

Memorial book of the martyrs of Bolechow Bolekhov (Bolechów), Ukraine, Translation of Sefer ha-zikaron le-kedoshei Bolechow. Edited by: Y. Eshel. Published by the Association of Former Residents of Bolechow in Israel, 1957

Bolekhov Yizkor Book
AccuFind has 7 authoritative references to Bolechow (7/96)

The Miriam Weiner Roads to Roots Fondation database http://www.rtrfoundation.org/

Books on Bolechow:

Shneor Ph bus ben Mena hem, of Bolechow. [1749 Name in Contributed MARC from Library Corporation]
The manuscript version of the memoirs of Dov Ber Birkenthal (Ber of Bolechow [i.e. Bolechow]). Geller, Joseph, [Ottawa] : National Library of Canada = Bibliotheque nationale du Canada, 1991. ISBN 0-315-63557-6, Canadian Call # Mic.F. TH-63557
"The Memoirs of Ber of Bolechow," (1723-1805), translated from the original Hebrew MS with an introduction, notes and a map by M. Vishnitzer (Mark Wischnitzer). (Arno Press, A new York Times Company, New York, 1973) The Jewish People: History, Religion, Literature. Reprinted from a copy in The Hebrew Union College Library. Originally printed from Oxford University Press, 1922. ISBN: 0-405-052520-9 (Jews of Ukraine)
Also, a chapter by J.G. Kohl, in his book titled "Austria: Vienna, Prague, Hungary, Bohemia, Styria, Moravia, Bukovina and the Miitary Frontier," (London, Chapman & Hall, 1843, DB25 K79) provides a vivd travelouge through Galicia, using the road between Stanislavov and Stry, through Bolechow (he uses the terms: Balekhov, Boletrov)
Books on Bolechow from amazon.com

Bolekhiv, Ukraine

The Ivano-Frankivsk region is situated in the southwest of Ukraine on the border of two natural geographical areas: East-European Plain and Ukrainian Carpathian. The region borders on the Lviv, Ternopil, Chernivtsi and Zacarpattia regions, Republic of Romania. From Ivano-Frankivsk Facts and Figures: http://www.ukrainebiz.com/Articles/IvanoFacts.htm

Encylopedia of Ukraine: Bolekhiv http://www.encyclopediaofukraine.com/mapsDisplay.asp?linkpath=IV-4z.jpg&varName=Bolekhiv&varLeft=38&varTop=93&Obl=Ivano-Frankivske

Ukraine GenWeb: Ivano-Frankivs'ka Oblast Church and Civil Records locations: http://www.rootsweb.com/~ukrwgw/ivano/ivanorecords.htm

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