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There are nearly 10.1 million web pages with the word "zucker" that are indexed by Google.com. Most of them them are about people named Zucker. Although, a number of pages are about zucker, the German word for sugar.

There are also many other Zucker surname reference links, archived newlinks, nearly two dozen references to Zucker authors in this Internet database. Hotbot Internet search engine reports over 10,885 web page references to the name Zucker. The University of Arizona Libraries maintain 213 books by an author with the last name Zucker. The list goes on...

This section is a resource for Zucker's from around the world to make connections with other Zucker's or extended family if you are related to a Zucker.

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Zucker is a more popular surname than it used to be. There are millions of web pages with the word "zucker" on the Internet- many refer to the Zucker family name.

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(1/16/2014) My name is David Michael Zucker, typical Jewish name, but I am Christian. My father is the late Leo I Zucker, son of the late Adele Zucker (maiden-Stebbins) and Maurice Zucker. My late uncles are Steven and Felix Zucker and my Aunt is Stephanie Zucker which all lived in the bay area. Roots in California; My mother is Norma Jean Grimmett. As sad as this may sound, I know very little about my heritage. I want to learn how to find where the heck I come from as far back as possible, very interesting to me. Where would one start? Please advise. Thanks, David Zucker <[email protected]>

(5/15/2013) Sharon Crest wrote: I was born in 1948 in London and adopted, but found that my blood mother's maiden name was Isabel Muriel Zucker born Croydon England 1910. Her father's name was William Zucker, a hairdresser in England. I was told that I was related to Adolph Zucker of Paramount . I would like to know my roots and what original country my blood family came from. Sharon Crest <[email protected]>

(9/26/2012) I am a Zucker but we spell it zuker im sure it’s the same in hebrew TZUKER tdadik vav kuf raish
anyway my name is Ari Zuker  I was born in australia and now live in Israel so you can add me to the list. my father is mordechai zuker, and my two brothers ben and max zuker. ari <[email protected]>

(9/26/2012) My mothers side are Zukers, just wondering about family history. April Shanteau <[email protected]>

(2/12/2012) I am Jason Zucker and my wife is Heather (Callahan) Zucker. My father is Gary Zucker from Frankenmuth, MI with one brother Marven and my grandparents Wilmar & Emma Zucker. Our ancestor Johann Zucker emigrated to Frankenmuth Michigan sometime in the 1850's from Rosstal Germany. I visited Rosstal in 2009 which was incredible. It's the most boring place I've ever been to but it was still incredible to go there. Here is the link to Johann's wife, Ann Neuchterlein. Email: Jason Zucker in Seattle, Washington <r[email protected]>

(9/15/2011) I am Sherri Zucker of Washington State and I am not Jewish...as are not my Lutheran ancesters.  As my years of research indicates, "Zucker" is a surname for those involved in the milling industries. I am decendant from Johann Heinrich Lugwig Zucker born in Heiddorf, Domitz Parish Mecklenburg on  7 February 1841.  His father was Carl (1820-1895) and his mother Sophia (1828-1891).  He emmigrated to Iowa where he married on 24 December 1868 (witnessed by John Stiehl) in Garnavillo, Clayton County Iowa a  "Doris" Bussacker born abt. 9 October 1840 (she may be Caroline Marie Dorothee Busacker --twin OR  Helene Dorothee Maria Sophie Elise Busacker) possibly in Polz or Klein Schmolen in Domitz Parish Mecklenberg. Johann Heinrich Ludwig Zucker died 25 November 1905 in Minnehaha County, South Dakota. Doris Bussacker died 25 July 1896 in Minnehaha County, South Dakota. Both are buried at Zion Lutheran Church, Hartford, Minnehaha County, South Dakota. Of this union: Anna b. 9 October 1870; Georg Karl Friedrich Heinrich b. 4 January 1872  confirmed as Georg Johann Heinrich Fritz Zucker (anglicized to George John); Heinrich Johann Karl b. 25 April 1874; Charles Henry; Georg Karl Friedrich Heinrich married Marie "Mary" Lina Elisa Harms of McGregor, IA; Their lone survivor of offspring is Carl Emil Fritz Bert Zucker b. 14 April 1906 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Carl E.F. B. Zucker married Anna Ruth Skinner at Zion Lutheran Church on 17 December 1927; John Gerald Zucker b. 15 May 1940 in Minnehaha County, South Dakota is my father. Sherri Zucker <[email protected]>

(2/24/10) Hi...my name is Steven Zucker, I live in St. Louis, MO, USA where my family has resided since the late 1850s - traced through religious affiliation records.  My great-great grandfather, Lester Zucker,  was born in Lissa, Germany in the late 1830s. He immigrated to the US (Chicago, IL then StL) and had one son, my great grandfather, Harry H. Zucker. HHZ had two sons, Alvin and Harvey. Harvey died as a youth around 1912 in a horse and buggy accident in downtown StL. Alvin had one son, my father who was named Harvey after Alvin's deceased brother. I have two sons: Adam and Bryce. Five generations of our family have at one time or another  resided in University City, MO - a StL suburb.  I would like to correct some misinformation in a prior ' Zucker ' email listed regarding HHZ and his second marriage.  Hurst-Zucker Neckwear Co. was established in StL by HHZ and a partner in the late 1800s. HHZ bought out his partner and successfully grew and managed the business until his death in the mid-1930s. He had married his cousin's widow after a Jewish custom and acquired a step-daughter in the process.  When he died he left 1/2 the H-ZN business to his son, Alvin (my grandfather ) and 1/2 the business to his widow.  In order to keep control of the business, my grandfather borrowed a huge amount of money for the time ( the midst of the great depression) to purchase the other half of the business from his widowed step mother.  A financial decision that eventually led to great financial distress for my grandparents and the demise of the family business.  In any event HHZ's second wife and her daughter converted to Catholicism and moved to CA.  No communication was ever made with/from them until the step-daughter's passing in the late 1990s when she died intestate (no Will).  In researching the extended family some untruths were communicated - the information above was passed to me verbally over the time I knew my grandfather and father who both worked to keep the business solvent but eventually were forced by several factors, not the least of which was the loan to pay of HHZs' widow - forced the business to close. My second wife - Mary - and I currently reside in University City, MO.  Both my sons and step daughter live in the StL Metro area.  We currently have one grandchild in the Zucker-line. Steve Zucker at [email protected].

(5/19/09) Does anyone know about a Zucker family from Tarnopol, Galicia/Poland/Ukraine? If so, contact Steve at [email protected].

(3/17/09) Hello, I found your website and maybe it can help me. My mother, Irena's maiden name is Zucker. She was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1922. Her parents names were Bernard (Baruch) and Rosa, her sisters names were Hanna and Ewa. All but my mother died in the Warsaw ghetto during the war. My mother have told me that a cousin Michael and his mother Ruchla emigrated to USA in the 30's. Kind regards Ewa ´Freyman Joas, Sysslomansgatan 49 b, Uppsala, Sweden

(2/13/09) We are looking for a Stuart Skip Zucker who went to FDU in Teaneck and a was brother in ZBT Fraternity.He lived in Fort Lee NJ during 1976-1978. We are trying to get in touch with him for a ZBT reunion. Thanks Rick Reeves [email protected]

(10/21/08) I'm Gerald Zucker. Grandfather Zuckor from Hungary. Adolf Zucker of paramount studios. Do you think I'm part of your fsmily? My family left Hungary for religious persecution. Yes there are other Zucker's here. However when I was in H.S. my classmate was Daniel Zucker. He bragged about how his grandfather , a sailor, jumped ship and ASSUMED the name of Zucker. [email protected]

(9/22/08) Hello, my name is Gwen Zuker, and I live in Victoria, B.C. in Canada.  My father was Karl (Chaim) Zucker, born in Chernovitz, Bukovina in Austria, in 1906.  When the borders changed, he was conscripted into the Romanian army for a time.  I understand that his birthplace is now part of Ukraine.  His parents were Nechemia (Norbert) and Rosa; Nechemia was an engineer, and Rosa was a seamstress.  Karl had five siblings, Isidor, Maurice, Artur, Gisela and Sally.  They have all passed now, Karl second to last in 2004 and then Gisa (Gisela Shapiro) in 2005. 
Karl apprenticed and became a Master Goldsmith in Vienna, after which he came to Canada in 1929; at that time he changed the spelling of our name to Zuker.  He had one son, Bernard, with his first wife, Masha, in Toronto, and then four surviving children with his second wife, Winona, in Vancouver, so I have siblings Valerie, Andrea and Brian, and half-brother Bernard. 
Karl helped form the Jewellers' Union in Toronto, and was a social activist in Vancouver for many years.  We also have the spellings Tsouker and Shugar in our family.  My sister Val tells me that we may have cousins in the U.S. but we don't know where.
I'm very happy and excited to have found this site, and will continue to read with great curiosity! Blessings to you all, Gwen Zuker [email protected]

(7/9/08) A little Zucker Family History, I wish someone knew more info about my family tree. I am April C Zuckor, My dad Claude Michael Zuckor somehow changed it from Zucker. I have a Brother George and a half brother I never met named Mike born in Ny & maybe still in NY. His mom's name is Pat or Patricia. My Mom's name is Sharon Rose Coons of Watertown NY now in CA. My nephew was Brian Zuckor, the in the news at Santee High in San Diego that died in the shooting. My Great Grandfather was named Moshe Yossel Zucker & My Great Grandmother was Rivkah Lieba both of Austria Last record Residence, Wien (Vienna), Österreich (Austria)1933. My Grandfather was Abraham Zucker born July 4th, 1902 in Poland died in Ca june 22, 1989. My granbdmother is possible indian as her picture has indian features. Her name Geraldine Mae Dumas. mMy Dads brother is Joseph Zucker/Zuckor. his X-wife was Murriel. Joseph son Jeffery Zucker died in his 30's of Hodgkin's. Miriam is Joseph's daughter who has a son Adam 17, of AZ. mMy dad's Sister's are Corrine Morace who's husband is Arthur of Long island. Her children are Authur, Tony, Nancy & one other daughter. My dad's other Sister is Elissa Danks who died in 2007 in Missouri. Her husband is Cliff, her Children are Kim in NJ, Cliff, Clint. I hope to find more Zucker Family History. April Zucker, .[email protected]

(10/23/07) My full name is Michael Zucker, I'm from Berlin, born 1983 in Brandenburg, Germany. I got my last name from my mother, Doris Zucker. My grandparents are Fritz Zucker (died 1993) and Gerda Zucker (former last name: Baß / Bass), who lived their whole life in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (northern east Germany, earlier GDR). I don't know much about my ancestors, the only thing I know is, that my great-grandfather or the father of my great-grandfather came from Sweden, some of my relatives tried to follow that path, but I'm not sure, if they found anything. As I know, my grandparents are not (very) religious, altough I thought that "Zucker" is a typical jewish name. [email protected]

(8/27/07) I am descended from Michael Zucker born in 1669 in St. George, Germany, who died in Sulz, Wurtenburg, Germany and Agnes Diel born in 1669 in Sulz, Germany. The family occupation in Germany was "fabric dyer" until Johann Gottlieb Zucker and Christiana Genter immigrated to the US in 1846 and became farmers in north central Ohio. My father and brother continue to farm in the same area that was settled (Crawford County). I am most interested to know more about my European roots, such as, when did the Zuckers arrive in Sulz and where from. If you have information, you may contact Leslie at [email protected].

(8/24/07) My name is David Michael Zucker, typical Jewish name, but I am Christian. My father is the late Leo I Zucker, son of the late Adele Zucker (maiden-Stebbins) and Maurice Zucker. Roots in California Bay Area. My mother is Norma Grimmett. As sad as this may sound, I know nothing about myself and heritage. I want to learn how to find where the heck I come from as far back as possible, very interesting to me. Where would one start? Please advise. Thanks, David Zucker [email protected]

(8/21/07) My name is April Zucker. I am 38 yrs old. I was born in Watertown NY. My father is Claude Michael Zucker. My grandfather was Abraham Zucker, born in 1902 in Poland. Migrated to Germany on a boat and settled in Ny also. He married A woman of possible indian decent. Her name was Mae Dumas. I know very little of my family, as my father does not speak about it. I recently found out I have a half brother believe his name to be Michael Zucker. we would be around 52yrs old. His birthmother's name was Pat or patricia. I don't know her last name back then. He was born in NY as well. I am looking for any relatives!!??? Anyone?? Sincerely April [email protected]

Hi, I stumbled onto your page and wanted to inform you of my family. We are Zuckers originally from Long Island, NY. Our information is as follows:

from: ANDREW S. ZUCKER, [email protected]

(7/21/06) It's nice to meet/find a fellow Zucker in this world. There are very few of us and it is nice to know we're not the only ones. Here is what I would like to represent my family on the/your zucker website. I am Aviva Zucker and I'm 12 yrs old and in Middle School or Junior High. My parents are Robert and Janet Zucker. My grandfather on my father's side was Richard Zucker. I really don't no much else about our lineage, because my father doesn't really talk about his side. I do know though that Jerry Zucker the film producer (listed on this site) is his cousin. We are jewish like many of the Zuckers here. I wonder why most/many of us are jewish... I don't really know how we came to the U.S. other then the fact that we immigrated a few generations ago. We came from Eastern Europe no certain place. Maybe somewhere near/in Germany since in German, Zucker means Sugar. I look forward to seeing more entries on this website, Aviva Zucker [email protected]

(2/6/06) Hi, I was thrilled to find your web page.  I'm 41 years old and I just survived a pulmonary embolism.  I know almost nothing about my father's family  as they all died at a very early age from blood clots.  I know that my family came to New Britain, CT. in the 1800's.  My great-grandfather's name was Abraham Zucker.  He had two sons and I believe one daughter.  My grandfather was Phillip Zucker.  He too grew up in New Britain.  I would love to find out more about our family.  If anyone has any information, please contact me at [email protected]
Thank you, Susan Zucker- Lagrange

(6/20/05) My name is David M. Zucker, from California. I am trying to learn my nationality and where my roots are. My entire family is living in the bay area. My father is Leo I Zucker he passed in Sep of 91. My Aunt is Stephanie Zucker. My Uncles are Steve and Felix Zucker. My grandmother is Adele Zucker, she just recently passed. My family is Jewish but is all i know. Where they come from and how the got to where we are today. If anyone knows please send me an email: [email protected].

(6/15/05) My father was born in polish (1923) and move to Argentina (1936) with my Aunt Celia, I was born in Argentina, and live in Israel now. Ruben Cukier <[email protected]>

(1/18/05) Before WWII there was a footbal(soccer) player - Nataan Izaak Zucker in Poland. He played for Pogon Lwów. Zucker was born in Bolechow so maybe someone knows his date of death. He was born 20 February 1900. He played also for Jewish/Polish club Hasmonea Lwów, and was their captain. About 1926 he probably emigrated to the USA. For sure he dissapeared from Lwów.American soccer documentalist Sam Foulds wrote something like this: 'In 1962 in American team debuted Hans Zuckker the son of former Polish national team player'. Altrought Zucker never played in Polish national team Hans was probably his son. N.I.Zucker was the only Zucker in Polish football history I think. He was Polish Champion with Pogon Lwów in 1922 and 1925 (played 3 matches in these seasons). Maybe you can help me. Best regards, Tomasz 'Kornik' Mrozek from Poland [email protected]

(12/29/04) Hello, I have found your very interesting site. I am also a "Zucker". I was born 1973 at Nördlingen, Germany. My father Wilhelm Zucker is was born 1932 in Elbogen (I think,
I cannot ask him, because he died 1982). I have got a sister and a brother. I don't know more abaut my relations, maybe you or your community is able to give some information. Thank you, by this way. If not, it doesn't matter. Greeds to you and to all member of this community. Werner Zucker [email protected]

(11/8/04) Hi, I was doing a little research on my last name and I came across your site.  My name is Jared Zucker and I'm 21 living in Ca.  The only oldest Zucker I can trace myself back to is my great grandfather, Frank Zucker.  He was from somewhere in Hungary from what I've been told and came to the US at some point.  My grandfather, Walter Zucker lives in NY. I know very little info on my family and I was hoping their might be some family out there that could help me understand my family history and heritage. [email protected]

(2/8/04) Hello, I am Michael Zucker from London, England. My father, Gustav Zucker, was born near Breslau in Germany (now part of Poland) and came to England in 1939. His brothers Hans and Martin both went to America. Their parents were killed in the Holocaust. I have Zucker cousins in Washington, Las Vegas, Colorado and California. My email is [email protected]

Gerhard Zucker: In 1934 Gerhard Zucker , either Austrian or German from Hasselfelde, Harz mountains, tried to send mail by solid fuel rocket to our island from a smaller island Scarp.It did not work but he sold a lot of stamps! After (and, indeed before) 1934, the trail on Gerhard Zucker goes colder than a day-old black pudding. Do you have any info.??? There are 8 books or articles in England which go through the story and all totally contradict each other. some say he became a rocket man under Von Braun (most unlikely) an other says he was liquidated (much more likely if
he was jewish).however in photos he looks most handsome, blonde and arryan. Richard Gollin from Scotland here. I have now traced the family of Gerhard Zucker pioneer of postal rockets and builder of the worlds largest rocket up to 1931. He lived from 1908 to 1985 and his wife and daughter still live near Hasselfelde in the Hartz mountains in what used to be East Germany. They tell me that their father/husband was a truly special man, a pioneer and dreamer who did not build or design a single military rocket. He was, in the early thirties, what we would call a celebrity firing (or trying to!) rockets in many countries. I live at http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/randjgollin/ which is about 15 miles from where Gerhard Zucker sent the first mail rocket in Britain from Scarp to huishnish, Harris in 1934. My interest is that I found his family in order to correct British history books on the subject which said that Zucker has either helped design rockets as weapons or been killed by the Nazis. I was happy to disprove both ideas and find that Gerhard, who was much loved by his family, died in 1985.We live near Britains equivalent to Cape Kennedy and we have two of our 'missiles', one with a 20 hp twin engine!!, hanging in our restaurant. Next year I will build a replica of Mr Zuckers rocket as I found a Britsh blueprint of it in a government file of 1934. My family origins are in Wroclaw (pronounced Bvrotswaff) Poland. Greetings from the remotest part of Scotland (and hence the remotest part of Europe!) All the best, Richard

(7/13/03, revised 11/8/03) Zuker, Zucker, Cuker, Cukier, Tsuker, Czukier...

Mary Zuker: :[email protected]

My name is Maria Zuker and I'm from in Russia in town Novokuznetsk. My city bases in south-west Siberias, however beside us not coldly and bear on street do not go :-), how considers a majority of the people. I'm 25 years. I am a work by the teacher in the university

My grandparent Zuker, Zucker, Cuker, Cukier, Tsuker, Czukier Gersz give birth 10 december 1917, in the Poland in the city Kock, what base in the field of Lublin's regioon (town Lublin). His native brother Mishael, Moisha give birth 18 octobers 1921.  They were given beginning in the jewish per (par, rap) Alter's family . Per Alter, as named, was vastly formed Jew therefor time - it knew a Torah, could to read and write, helping neighbours to write letters and read them, was a servant in the local Synagogue. Per Alter was on sale in its house of postcard, envelopes, paper and other chancellery, trade commissary near by this was not.

My grandfather with his brother Zuker Michael emigrated from the Poland from town Kock during the Domestic war. There beside they stayed relatives. Their father name's Alter and they had big family. I know that they had a sister a Rose, but she died already much long ago, father of my grandparent - Alter, dead from the tuberculosis, but mother dead at occupations of fascists.

Grandparent after the war went in the Poland, however its teacher, who it there has met reported that all relatives left in America (Canada) somewhere. I much wanted a although some information on Zuker's family from city an Kock in Poland.

P.S. Polish name of my grandparent was the others, but I don't know his.

P.S.S. My grandfather has named their own children Albert and Boris, but its brother - Alter and Efim (Fima). This it is important, if consider that they named their own children of in honour of their own relatives.

P.S.S. My grandfather spoke that its family belonged aristocracies.
Best regards, Maria Zuker

(5/24/03) My grandparent, Grigoriy Zuker, along with its brother, Michael Zuker, emigrated from the Polish town of Kock during the Domestic War. They stayed with relatives. Their father's name was Alter and they had big family. I know that they had a sister a Rose, but she died a long time ago. The father of my grandparent , Alter, died from tuberculosis, but the mother died during the occupation of fascists. Grandparent's given birth was in December 1917. Grandparent after the war went to Poland. However, his teacher, who was there, reported that all relatives went to America somewhere. I much wanted a floor-chita although some information on Zuker's family from city an Kock in Poland. Sorry for bad English. Are your ancestor was given birth in Poland in Kock city? P.S. The Polish name of my grandparent was same as the others, but i dont know him. P.S.S. My grandparent has named their own children Albert and Boris, but named his brother , Alter and Efim (Fima). This is important, if you consider that they named their own children in honour of their own relatives. [email protected]

(4/3/03) Hi, My name is Ron Zucker of East Wenatchee, Washington. I know of roughly 10 Zuckers here in Washington State. We are descended from Johann Zucker. My cousin Sherry knows alot about our genealogy. Ron Zucker ([email protected])

Hello, One more Robert Zucker. I`m 38 and life in Berchtesgaden in Bavaria, Germany. The name Zucker isn't not very common, even in Germany. Therefore I was quite amused finding your Robert Zucker homepage while brousing with Google . Some of the Zuckers geneology on your homepage lead to Galizia or to Eastern Europe. Our family has emigrated from Karlsbad, Northern Bohemia about 200 years ago and lived then in the region of Nürnberg, Bavaria, where my father Heinz Zucker and even me have been born. We are ether protestant or katholic and for the last four generations we had mixed katholic/ protestant marriages. Here in Berchtesgaden lives another family Zucker, which is not related with mine, at least not closely. As I`ve learned they have emigrated from Northern Bohemia too but after World War II. I´m very curious which other Zuckers I will find on your homepage. Best Regards Robert Zucker: [email protected]

My grandfather was Mayer Zucker who came from Warsaw Poland. I know that he had a brother Peasch. His wife's name was Eva. They had eleven children, Moshe, Leah, Max, Florence, Edith, Irwin, Susan, Ray, Chayah, Abraham, and Barbara. I'm one of four children from Max Zucker. The Zucker family initially lived in what was known as Brownsville (NYC). Mayer passed in 1969, Eva in 1995. My father passed in 1998. I have a family tree that dates back about 200 years. I don't know that there would be a link from my Zucker family to any other that I'm not already aware of. Best regards. Mike Zucker, DSA Marketing, Inc. [email protected]"

My mother was born a Zucker in Kalisz, Poland in 1925. Her parents were killed in World War II and she emigrated to El Salvador as Cukier, married my dad, Bernard Shepard (nee Shapiro) and moved to the states. She wrote a book as well called Liliana's Journal. I believe the Holocaust Museum in DC has it as well. Most of my mother's family was killed in the war but some did leave before the war and emigrated to El Salvador which was where she went after the war. Unfortunately, my mom does not have email but if you want to write her, you could. Her address is Lily Shepard, 3622 Ligon Rd., Ellicott City, MD 21042. Thank you, Emily Shepard [email protected]

I am David H. Zucker (no, not the movie writer/producer!). I am 63 years old, living near New Haven, Ct and am a college English professor. I have recently written a long poem based on the vague (very) knowledge I received from my father and his older sister (both deceased). They said that my Grandfather Alfred Zucker was "Austrian," and that he came to the U.S. probably in the 1880s, at the age of 13 or 13. I imagined that he came from Galicia, then part of the A-Hung. empire, but that was fantasy on my part, perhaps inaccurately recalling something my aunt said about Galicia and uncle told me that he thinks my grandfather also spoke, or understood, Polish. No one really seemed to know. Like many immigrants, he wanted to make good in the US and forget his European past. He was not "religious," by the way. My uncle's story was that though he spoke (or understood) Polish, German, and Yiddish (the Polish may have also fed my Galician idea of him), he had no Jewish religious life and actually would mock the Orthodox on their way to shul. My father said he was a tailor, but my uncle later told me that he became a needle trade union organizer as a young man and never practiced tailoring for very long. I don't have his birth date or his exact death date. He died in the 1930s, in his 60s, from complications after being struck by an automobile in Cleveland, Ohio, where he moved from Philadelphia when me father was a child. This is information for your Zucker fund of information. I would like any information you may direct me to about the Zuckers in A.-Hungary. If you want me to attach a copy of my poem about him (knowing that it is essentially imaginative, not biographical fact), I would be happy to send it along. best wishes, David Zucker [email protected]

I am looking for Helen Zucker. She and I went to elementary school and possibly high school together. Sally Weinstein, Edie Wolfson, Bea Turk and others were our friends. I graduated from high school in 1941. If you're out there, Helen, call or send e-mail. Belle [email protected]

I was told several years ago that my father's family (Max Zucker, born in Germany 1931, died Los Angeles 1985) son of Feivel (died in Work Camp 194?) and Chaja Zucker (died in Israel in 1983 were from Radomishl (sp?) in Poland, but that the family had actually originated several generations earlier from Hungary and the Patriarch "Arish Zucker" was noted for dressing more colorfully than the Poles. Incidentally, Feivel Zucker had several brothers who all died in the Camps, except for one brother named "Birnbaum" who had taken the mother's maiden name in order to avoid conscription and emigrated to Palestine prior to WWII. His children Mordechai and Ruth are still alive on a Kibbutz in Israel. Please contact me if this connects with anything or anyone.- Eric Zucker ([email protected])

Hello I am also a Zucker. Born in Israel in 1967 and came to the states when I was 6 months old. Sometimes I wonder if they are any of my family out. Nice page. My father was born in Poland. His name was Chaim Zucker and his father's name Isreal Zucker and Mother Anna. If you need more info let me know. I live in Cailforna. Hope to hear from you. ABRAHAM SHALOM ZUCKER. [email protected] or [email protected]

Hello, My name is Robert Zucker as well; I am 22 and just graduated college. I believe my uncle, Steven Zucker has He lives in Arizona too. Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that you have a great website. This email address is good for Martin, Nina and Rob Zucker in West Orange, NJ, formerly from Long Island, NY.We were at a funeral on Long Island today and visited the zucker section of the cemetery which sparked my interest in finding your site again. [email protected]

My page is now located at http://www.jackzucker.com and is more of a photography page rather than a jazz guitar page...Jaz. [email protected]

My Name is Ari Joshua Zucker... I am a well respected musician... My band is called The Fort Greene Jam Project... based in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. www.fortgreenejam.com check it out... there is a link to more info on me at this site.. [email protected]

David Zucker here... I wanted to get back to you sooner, but I wanted the info. I was going to share to be as accurate as possible.  I have summer's off...but only today had time to speak with my mother and get correct information. My father's name was Bob also.  He was born in Brooklyn, NY on April 9, 1944 to Alberrt and Sally (Leventhal).  Apparently, Sally left Albert not long after the birth and returned to live with her father and mother on the north side of Chicago where my father was raised.  Mom says my father never knew his father who eventually wound his way to California.  When my mother and father were married, my father (Bob)- attempted to contact his father (Albert) only to find he had recently died at Sing Sing Prison. My mother, Diana Baird Zucker, and father were married in 1969.  My father had one sister, Sandra, who had two children Mark and Bonnie.  I would love tohear from anyone of my family and welcome any information regarding Albert or Bob Zucker. Much thanks for all your help Bob- i look forward to continuing to read great stuff on your web page- David T. Zucker, Joliet, IL [email protected]

Giora Zucker [email protected]

My name is Jack Zuker. I have been doing geneology research since April, 2001. I have been trying to locate my Great-Great Grandfather Abraham Zuker. The family lore conveys that Abraham emegrated to the USA when he was 16 years old.  He supposedly stowed away on the ship in a barrell of feathers. We could not find any emegrations records, on him or any other Zukers during the suppossedly time frame of emegration. He met and married Sarah Elizabeth Martin somewhere in Tennessee.  I have been unable to determine any record of their marriage, or any parents of Elizabeth.  They suppossedly settled in Floyd County.  He supposedly operated two stores, one in Rome, Ga. and on in Cave Springs, Ga. His first child, William Wiley Zuker was born in 1848, 2nd Lewis Zuker in 1850, and 3rd LeJenie Zuker in 1854.  When William was eight years old Abraham left the family, and supposedly went to New York.  No one in the family or acquaintences ever knew his forwarding address. I have search dilegently, but have been unable to turn up any traces of Abraham.  I have located records of his three children and spouse, Elizabeth.  The lore was that he had emigrated from Germany, but in the 1900 Census the daughter revealed he was a Russian Jew. From my research I have determined that the majority of the Jews in Russia had emigrated to the Ukraine, and in fact I did garner on lead on an Abraham Zuker, whose father was Leib Zuker and mother, Jente.  This was Abraham Zuker was born in 1816 in Lvov, Ukraine. I find no record of his returning to Europe.  No Census Records.  Although their are many Abraham Zuckers listed in the Social Security Death records most of them are to young to have been his children of another wife. If there is anyone who is reading this e-mail and you have any suggustions about where else to look, or it sounds like this could be your relative also, please contact me at [email protected]

I am Nehemia Zucker named after my great grandfather (killed by the Nazi's). The family is from Chernovitz they had a Textile factory and lived together like a mini-tribe. Up to WW1 Chernovitz was Austria then Romania between the wars and now Ukraine on the borders of Poland. I live in the US for the last 4 years my family is in Israel. My uncle is Professor Zvi Yavetz (how is a Zucker that changed his name when his father died). [email protected]

I came across your home page for Zuckers. My paternal g/gfather was Efraim/Frank (1840-1928) ZUKER (mother), Reinstei (father) from Kudrynce/Kudrintsy, Bukovina/Austria (depending on the year) and sister city, Mielnitza/Mielnica, Galicia, Austria, all preWWI, and now Mel'nitza Podolskaya, Ukraine.  I have been researching since 1990 and have placed my findings in a book I've been writing on the web called The Tailor Shop: reiterblitzer.com

It's interesting to see your ZUKER site. Mielnitza is the eastern most southerly partition of Poland which belonged to Austria. It borders Ukraine. Zucker/Zuker is such a common name. My maternal g/mother was Chaya Ruchel ZUKER-REINSTEIN. Her father, Efraim (1841-1925) used his mother's maiden name ZUKER at times and his father's, REINSTEIN. My father said his mother's name was Chaya Ruchel Zuker and his sister said Chaya Ruchel Reinstein. The family was from Kudrynce, (pronounced kid-er-ance) Bukovina, Austria where there was a huge family. Today the town is called Kudrintsy, Ukraine. Efraim immigrated to the USA in the early 1900s, my father 1913. They settled in Toledo, Ohio. If there searching these families, I would be happy to hear from them. Jeanne Blitzer Andelman [email protected]

My name is Michael Zucker living in Dallas Texas. I have two brothers and a sister. Bruce, Shayne, and Debbie. I live in Dallas, TX. My Grandfather was born in Poland and migrated to the United States in 1918. My father's (deceased) name is Rabbi Max Zucker. You can reach me at [email protected]

Anna Sophia Carolina Zucker from Breitenau

I have been trying to locate a Joe Zucker, who illustrated the book Dragonworld in 1978 79. If you have any information on his whereabouts or how I can contact him, I would appreciate it. Shalom. Michael McEntire, CIRM, C.P.M., 972-316-0651 or 800-241-1057 x88170

Hi! I have in my possession a copy of the "Zucker/Sugar" family tree that was sent to me by the author, Jerry Chern. I am not researching the Zucker family, but they are related to me via marriage with the Penzik/Pensak families. The family tree starts with Yitzak Zuker and Jennie from Galicia, then their children Israel, Adolph, Miriam and Max on down. It was produced without the use of the computer, and has lots of pictures in it. If you would like a copy I'd be happy to reproduce mine and send it to you. If this "rings any bells" with you, let me know! Jo Anne Kindler

My mother's maiden name is Carole Zucker. My grandparents were Nathan Zucker and Mollie Schwartz. Nathan's parents were Reuben Zuger and Lea Beer. My grandfather used to tell me that Reuben's fathers name was Wolf. I also know that Reuben lived with his wife in Chordorov, Ukraine which is just south of L'viv. This is in the same area as Bolechow. I was told that Reuben was not born Chodorov but I do not know the town wher he was from. He supposedly died after a back operation in Europe in 1912. I know very little of the Zucker (Zuger) side of my family. does any of this sound familiar? I know that Zuger and it's various forms were common in that area I look forward to hearing from you. Grossman, Steve [OBI]<[email protected]>

I work for the County of San Diego, Public Administrator's Office. I am trying to trace the family of Alice Harriet Zucker; born in Chicago, IL July 2, 1915, died on April 23, 1998. Her father was Eugene Zucker; very little information about him other than name. Her mother was Jean Stein, born in Lima Ohio in 1886.She died in Tucson, AZ in the late 1950's and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery. Jean was either widowed when Alice was very young or divorced Eugene. She then married H. H. (Harry?) Zucker (believed to be Eugene's cousin.) H.H. had a son name Albert (by previous marriage and older than Alice, there was no love loss between Albert and Alice.) H.H. was a man of wealth. He was the president of the Hurst-Zucker Neckware company. H.H. and Jean traveled extensively and left Alice home. When H.H. died he left most if not all of his assets to Albert; and left Alice to care of her mother. That is what I have pieced together from friends and the small amount of newspaper articles that she kept. She did not like H.H. much either, so there was not much info about him. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Marilee <[email protected]>

Bruce Alan Zucker, Professor, Department of Business Law, California State University, Northridge. Son of Daniel Zucker, Grandson of Jack Zucker, We are from some small town outside of Warsaw...The Zucker's came to Ellis Island in the 1920's. <[email protected]>

Just wanted to say that I find your website fascinating. I know of very few Zuckers in this country to whom I am related. My grandfather, Morris J. Zucker, came to America from Austria at the beginning of the century. I intend to read the various sources on your website with great interest. Marc J. Zucker, Philadelphia, [email protected]

My maiden name was Susan Zucker. I am now Susan Lagrange. I know very little about my father's family. Unfortunately, most of them died at a young age due to a blood clotting disorder. I know that my dad's family was from New Britain, CT and that they left Austria in the early to mid 1800s. I also had heard that the Zucker's in Austria originated from Spain and had left during the inquisition. Do you have any specific information on the Zuckers from Austria? Were they all originally from Spain? Do you know why they left Austria and where they settled in the U.S.? I had heard that the Zuckers in Austria were very close and did not intermarry with other European Jews. I believe this is what led to the clotting disorder. However, I can not confirm any of this information. Are you familiar with any of these stories? I would love to hear from you when you get a moment. Thanks, Susan Lagrange [email protected]

Michael Zucker, e-mail [email protected] Currently live in Florida, US, born in New York, US. Thanks ! University of Miami, Information Technology

Came across your web site and am interested because a member of our family is researching our genealogy. My father's name was Nathan Zucker and our family is based in New York (although I live in Boulder, CO). Apparently, the family came from Galatsia (Austria). Any other info you'd be interested in? Seems the Zucker name is more prominent than ever before, doesn't it? Yours truly, Laney Wax, [email protected] (Elaine Zucker)

I came across your home page for Zuckers. My paternal g/gfather was Efraim/Frank (1840-1928) ZUKER (mother), Reinstein (father) from Kudrynce/Kudrintsy, Bukovina/Austria (depending on the year) and sister city, Mielnitza/Mielnica, Galicia, Austria, all pre WWI, and now Mel'nitza Podolskaya, Ukraine. I have been researching since 1990 and will soon place some of my findings on the jewishgen shtetl links. It's interesting to see your site. Mielnitza is the eastern most southerly partition of Poland which belonged to Austria. It borders Ukraine. Zucker/Zuker is such a common name. Thanks, Jeanne Blitzer Andelman [email protected]

[email protected]
Greetings from Germany. Viele Grüße aus Deutschland. Hi I am Benjamin Zucker. I live in Höchstädt (near Augsburg) / Germany My father Werner Zucker is a teacher and I am going to pass High School next year. Germany had always been the habitat of my family especially Bavaria (Bayern) where they jump around with these trousers made of leather :-) I wonder if there are meetings of all Zuckers in the world, and if we are all related.

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