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Tucson, Arizona Arrest-A-Pest
Termite, Pest & Wood Management

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Arrest-A-Pest, a local Tucson, AZ. family owned business, has provided Tucson, Arizona weed control, extermination of termites and other pests since 1990. Warranty termite control, pre-treatments, termite baiting and fumigation services are also available.

The Arrest-A-Pest team, led by owner Jim Gransie, and his son Niccholas, provides all types of exterminaton, control and prevention of insects, weeds, rodents and other annoying pests in the dusty Tucson desert.

Bee and scorpion removal in Tucson is a popular need. Arrest A Pest provides removal and proofing, as well as rodent prevention and bird control.

Arrest A Pest services both residential and commercial properties in Southern Arizona, including Tucson, Oracle, Catalina, Vail and rural areas.

Call 1-888-577-0121 or 520-206-0121 for a free inspection and estimate, including termite reports for FHA/VA.

Experienced Termite Control

Arrest-A-Pest provides total termite control using the latest and safe pretreatment, baiting and fumigation. The Arrest-A-Pest team exterminates drywood and subterranean termintes and does strutural fumingation for termites.

Pest Control Services in Tucson

Arrest-A-Pest provides a full-range of pest control services in Tucson. Pest extermination includes rodents, bords and bee removal, scorpion proofing and removal.

Free inspections and estimates are provided. FHA/VA termite reports can be prepared for housing inspections.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control

  • Bed Bug Treatment
  • Bee Removal
  • Bird Exclusion
  • Carpenter Ant Elimination
  • Fleas & Ticks
  • Fungus Control
  • Household Pest Control
  • Lawn Pest Control
  • Rodent & Animal Control & Exclusion
  • Trees
  • Turf Pest Control
  • Weed Control and Pre-Emergent

Servicing Arizona Since 1990
AZ State Certificate #900847

Call 1-888-577-0121 or

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