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Exciting New Instrumental Artist!!

Bob Zucker - "Desert Lifestyles"

Just when there's nothing else to do, comes along a new, and exciting unknown instrumental song arranger Bob Zucker.

Bob doesn't know how to play music. But these songs are a testament that anyone can be a musical composer.

Music is performed with Apple's Garage band software. This program, installed on all new Macintosh computers, provides the instruments, the chords and the tracks to create different arrangements on the fly.

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Bob's Song "Desert Lifestyles" CD Song List

To play these songs, just click the blue link. A new window will open and the song will automatically play. Each song is short, usually under two minutes.

Bob's Song

This is the first song that I arranged. It was done on-the-fly. I finally discovered I have some musical ability and found a happy chord. This is one of my favorites. 2MB. 2:02.

Desert Sakura

When it rains in the desert, the Sakuras bloom.

Busy Day

Even when life is in a rush, some relaxing music can make a busy day not so hectic. But once the beat stops though, life goes on. 1.2MB, 1:15

Down Under

When feeling down under it's time to get above.


A classic rock sound, reminiscent of the Bob Seger era. Lots of heavy piano in a robust beat. It makes you feel like going on forever. This was my second arranged piece and gave me inspiration to continue.1.8M. 1:51.


A quick, spicy beat, just like the bean is hot sauce. 55K. 1 minute.


Sometimes, music just creates itself. 2.0M. 2:06.

Happy Ending

It starts off slowly and culminates into a potpourri of experiences. Then, a happy ending. 2.0M. 2:05.

Lazy Daze

Just what it implies. 2:09

Reggae Blues

A combination of world music to bring together a new techno-sound. 1.1M. 1:13.

Super Nova

Hang on to your seats for this one. Rocket Man can't touch it. 2MB. 60 seconds.


A light country flavor of the desert. Watching the sunset while the cowpokes come galloping over the mountains. 1.3M. 1:36.


This song hasthe beat up the wahzoo.

Western Dudes

A little s*kicking music with an Old West flaor.


A sort of techno-bluesy sound. Whatever. 1.8M. 1:154.


This is what happens whn you play with technology. 1.6M