The Biker Code

Wisdom for the Ride

The biker's world has always been a secret place hidden from mainstream America, except for occassional news spots and sightings of packs of biker's streaming down the freeways. But few people had the pleasure of peeking inside the realm of bikers.

Stuart Miller and Geoffrey Moss provide a very unqiue glimpse into the lifestyle and thoughts of biker's from around the nation in "The Biker Code: Wisdom for the Ride" (Simon and Shuster, $12.95).

Dozens of photos, drawings and the words of riders themselves are brought to the forefront of today's culture in this nicely bound "manual for the road." Each profile opens the world of biker's even more. Accompanying each full page photo are the words and wisdom of biker's who have shared the road for decades - how they view the world and how they survived.

The Biker's Code could be compared with a bible of the road for bikers. It offers the experience of decades and the sensitivity of insight.

Edward Delgado, a chef who has been riding his Honda 929RR for 20 years remarks "As a chef, I'm an artist because I'm creating something. As a motorcyclist, I'm trying to find the peace of mind to create."

Kay "Amazon" Howard, a rider for 17 years on a 1977 Harley-Davidson FXRS Low Rider says "To discover new people while biking, to be bathed in the charm of an unfamiliar place, to hear the spin-song of wheels on the road, these are the ingredients of a good ride. But as for dangers: riding while daydreaming, riding while angry, these are the two alternatives DWI's."

The theme to not to ride when angry or preoccupied runs throughout the bits of wisdom. Bikers want to be respected and in turn give respect to the road and its travelers. As John "Reb" Everett, a product assurance engineer who has been riding for 35 years, says "Ride for the love of life and all that goes with it."

Author Stuart Miller, nicknamed " Zooky from Brooklyn," has been a biker for over 50 years. He currently paints and photographs from his Tucson, Arizona home and has gained recognition as an artist, illustrator, celebrity interviewer and advertising entrepenuer. Miller took many of the images in the book.

Geoffrey Moss is a New York City resident and painter/illustrator whose well know for "Mossprints," his captionless drawings that appear in newspapers throughout the US. He was recenlt nominated for a Pulitzer Prize based on his 9/11 work, currently syndicated by Creators Syndicate. His books include "The Art & Politics of Geoffrey Moss" and several children's books. For the last few years, he has photographed and interviewed bikers from around the country

The special collaboration between Miller and Moss has the potential to develop a special relationship between the public and bikers.



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