Road to redemption is paved in blood

Finding love amidst deception, mystery and murder

Black Roses
By Jennifer Jo Fay
ISBN: 9781456749934
Amazon e-book: $9.99
Paperback: $14.03

Ever feel like someone is watching? 

Blaxk RosesObsession turns deadly in Jennifer Jo Fay’s new book, Black Roses, when a serial killer begins to stalk the quiet town of South Haven.

Not many things surprise Sarah Fisher, a stripper/prostitute, so when mysterious black roses are left at her house, she brushes them off. A different story, however, when the same black roses start to appear at grisly murder scenes around town. Soon Fisher is on a mission to find a deadly killer- before he finds her.

A mystery complete with racy sex scenes, intrigue and deception, Black Roses is also a story of love and redemption, in the most dangerous of circumstances.

“Sarah undergoes a change and embraces it,” says Fay. “Everyone wants to see her change for the better.”

Fay, a mother of four, wrote Black Roses when the idea popped into her head and took root.

“I had this incredible drive to write a mystery,” says Fay. “ I just started writing and never stopped.”

About the author

Jennifer Jo Fay graduated from Maine College of Art in 1990 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree.

She has written six novels, Black Roses is her first venture into the mystery genre. When she’s not chasing around her four children, she enjoys reading mysteries, writing and making paper dolls.

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