"Never to Love"

by Mary Ann Carman

published by Publish America, a small press out of Fredericks, Maryland http://www.publishamerica.com.

The winds of challnge blow hard. Ciannait yearns for love but, as tears lace her cheeks, she vows revenge for her father s murder. With battles raging everywhere, she learns this is a difficult task but she must find the murderer. A witch and healer, will Ciannait end up "Never To Love'?

Loving the raucous noises of war, but ordered home by the king, Lorcan is honor bound to follow his father's command to wed, though his heart is still on the battlefield.

When he meets Ciannait, his bethrothed, he's torn between honor to his king and his new heart's desire.

Together Ciannait and Lorcan look for the answers to the puzzle, but their searching leads them down a road better left untraveled to a battle of good versus evil with high sorcery!

The struggle between her passionate love and her vow of revenge forces immediate decisions. (especially when she finds the murder was ordered by someone much closer to home than she believed possible!)

"Never To Love" is currently available through on-line bookstores, the publisher's
website, and my own http://www.mywordsworth.com, as well as locally at Readers Oasis, 3400 East Speedway and Mostly Books, 6208 East Speedway in Tucson, Arizona. Mary Ann Carman is a member of Romance Writers of America, as well as The Society of Southwestern Authors, and Arizona Authors Association.

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