Fall/Winter 2003 Book Previews

Wit, Wisdom, and Homespun Advice All Year Long

THE PUBLISHERS OF The Old Farmer's Almanac, North America's oldest continuously published periodical, are proud to present their unique line of six beautifully designed calendars for 2004. Each of these delightful titles offers plenty of wit, wisdom, and homespun advice to keep you and your loved ones entertained and up-to-date all year long.

You'll find all of your Old Farmer's Almanac favorites-the Gardening, Weather Watcher's, Herbs, Every Day, Every Day Weather, and Engagement calendars-available at bookstores throughout the United States and Canada, or at www.almanac.com.

Give the gift that keeps giving each and every day of the year. Gardening Wall Calendar - $7.99: Now in its 27th year, this perennial best-seller offers gardening lore, timely advice, a seasonal essay, and a beautiful full-color illustration on each monthly two-page spread. A regional outdoor planting table is included, making the Gardening Calendar the perfect annual or perennial gift for your favorite green thumb.
Weather Watcher's Wall Calendar - $7.99:

A must-have for anyone who likes to keep an eye on the sky: Each monthly two-page spread features a full-color image of an exceptional weather event, plus weather trivia and a timeless proverb.
Herbs Wall Calendar - $9.99: Perfect for the kitchen gardener: Each monthly two-page spread features a full-color illustration of a selected herb, with gardening and harvesting tips, history, a recipe, and advice for use in home remedies and around the house. This newest edition to The Old Farmer's Almanac line of calendars is a special large-format calendar that allows plenty of space for notes and appointments.

Every Day Desk Calendar - $10.99: This cleverly illustrated calendar makes every day special with a little bit of everything. Just like the Almanac, it offers weather lore, quirky historical facts, useful household hints, and timeless proverbs-all guaranteed to inform and amuse! This page-per-day calendar is the perfect size to keep on your desk at work or home and is guaranteed to spice up your day!

Every Day Weather Desk Calendar - $10.99: With charming illustrations, fascinating weather facts, folklore, and puzzles, the Every Day Weather Calendar is sure to please. This convenient page-per-day desk calendar will bring a little sunshine into your life every day of the year.

Engagement Calendar - $14.95: A longtime favorite that can easily stand in as a date book, journal, and daily planner! In addition, this elegantly illustrated hardbound desk calendar offers daily doses of useful advice, wisdom, and folklore, as well as monthly reflections, proverbs, and seasonal tips. The concealed wire binding allows it to lie flat when open, and the week-at-a-glance format provides space for notes and appointments.
The Old Farmer's Almanac calendars are brought to you by Yankee Publishing Inc. of Dublin, New Hampshire. These annual publications are part of The Old Farmer's Almanac family of products and are available wherever books and magazines are sold. Copies can also be ordered at www.almanac.com or by calling 800-895-9265, ext. 220.

Wonder Woman Organizer

DC Comics

For over 60 years, this beloved Amazon has been fighting crime and saving the world. With her magic lasso, bullet-deflecting bracelets, and her invisible jet, she easily beats the bad guys every time. Much more than just a super hero, Wonder Woman has become a bona-fide feminist icon. Now anyone can achieve heroic efficiency with The Wonder Woman Organizer.

This attractive organizer is simply the coolest. Take it to school and show it off, or take it to the next company meeting and impress everyone with your super-organization.

The Wonder Woman Organizer has it alll A Weekly, undated calendar keeps track of all those appointments, while the address pages make sure you never lose touch with anyone. Each page features the distinctive Wonder Woman logo at the top. There' s no forgetting about all those superhuman tasks with the to-do list, and a handy snap closure ensures that everything stays inside. There are plenty of striking comic images of Wonder Woman and her alter-ego, Diana Prince, inside, and the yearly calendar goes all the way up to 2008. The brilliant red vinyl cover is even embossed with Wonder Woman's emblem!

The perfect size for a backpack or purse, The Wonder Woman Organizer is a great way to get organized!

Wonder Woman Organizer
ISBN: 0-8118-3723-8
Price: $19.95

Bon Bon On the Go-Go

By Noel Tolentino for Cosmic Debris

Bon Bon On The Go-Go follows the bootsteps of Bon Bon, the new girl on the block from the creators of Emily the Strange and Oopsy Daisy. Born on Valentine' s Day, this half-Japanese, half-French, all-fun girl loves her Vespa scooter, and her imaginative and freewheeling spirit take her everywhere.

The fab wardrobe, the rockin' scooter, the anything-goes attitude- it's all signature Bon Bon, and now she's ready to ride off into plenty of new adventures!

From Paris to outer space, underwater to on-the-road, Bon Bon's journeys are colorful and whimsical. Bon Bon On The Go-Go can take you places you never dreamed!

Riding a giant spinning record? That's Bon Bon. Hurtling through a psychedelic landscape on the Vespa? That's Bon Bon. Making her own movie? That's Bon Bon. Teetering on the edge of a giant water glass? That's Bon Bon. Navigating a giant pop-art gallery? That' s Bon Bon.

With a sparkly sticker included in each book and a gaiaxy of colors and images, Bon Bon On The Go-Go is a wild ride with a world class-girl!

Bon Bon On The Go-Go
ISBN: 0-8118-3799-8
Price: $12.95

Writers Gather in the Mountains of Prescott

Prescott, Arizona. (April 2, 2003) - Writers and poets will gather for five days of intensive writing, conversation, panels and readings July 28 through August 1,2003 at Yavapai College in Prescott.

The Hassayampa Institute for Creative Writing offers writers of all levels the opportunity to work closely with a number of distinguished, nationally recognized writers.

Susan Lang, Hassayampa Institute founder and director says, "we have an outstanding faculty for summer 2003 that includes award winning authors Antonya Nelson, Mary Sojourner, Alison Deming Hawthorne, Percival Everett, Judith Barrington, Kim Stafford, and Kate Horsley.

Lang went on to say, "I believe the reason our summer writer's conference is so successful is that we create a sense of community between our participants whether they be professional, published or beginning writers. Conversations and the exchange of information and experience flourish in this nurturing environment."

The theme of this year's conference, "Writing to Make a Difference," explores the role of writing in shaping, perpetuating, and changing cultural values and assumptions.

"The ultimate goal is to leave writers inspired about their work," says Ms. Lang. The
conference is designed to develop and hone literary skills, as well as foster a sense of community among writers.

The Hassayampa Institute Summer Conference began eight years ago and has grown into an event attended by writers, agents, and editors from all over the country. Workshops focus on fiction, personal narrative, and poetry. Class size is limited to allow for a more intimate and rewarding experience. Workshops are held in the morning, Monday through Friday followed by student readings that allow writers to share their work with an audience of their peers. Afternoon readings and discussion with conference faculty, editors, publishers and agents are held at Prescott Public Library. Finally, workshop faculty will read and discuss their work on selected evenings at the historic Hassayampa Inn. Many of the events held in the afternoon and evening are free and open to the Public.

According to Lang, "These readings and the discussions that follow, provide exposure to different genres and techniques. It is invaluable to a writer to take the time to surround themselves with writers and writing. It will only enhance and enrich their work. We're looking forward to a very successful conference this year and hope to see writers of all levels and abilities at the workshops and readings."

For more information or to request a brochure, email us at [email protected], or, access our web site at www.yc.edu/hassavampa.nsf .

The Hassayampa Institute for Creative Writing is co-sponsored by Yavapai College, Sharlot Hall Museum and supported by Friends of Prescott Public Library, Yavapai College Foundation, Arizona Humanities Council, and the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

The words teens need to understand, cope, and move on

Survival Gulde About Abuse (For Young People)
Deanna S. Pledge, Ph.D.

An incident of child abuse is reported every 10 seconds. (The government estimates that only one out of three incidents is reported.)

How do thousands of teens recovering from childhood abuse or living with abuse learn to cope, trust, heal, and begin to feel "normal" even good- again?

Written especially for abused and hurting teens, thls book offers needed coping skills and real teen "been there" advice for youth who struggle with the aftermath of abuse and want the pain to stop.

Minneapolis, Minnesota- It doesn't matter who they are, where they live, or what they look like. It doesn't matter how they act, how much (or how little) money their families have, if they're active and successful in school, or distanced or struggling. All kinds of teens are victims of abuse-sexual, emotional, physical, and neglect.

Maybe it happened when they were little. Maybe it still happens. Maybe they thought everybody grew up ike that, or think everybody's boyfriend or girlfriend acts like this. Or they might wonder how something that happened so long ago could still come back to hurt?

Psychologist Deanna Pledge has helped hundreds of abused teens navigate their feelings, family, school, and legal situations positively and productively. In WHEN SOMETHING FEELS WRONG (Free Spirit Publishing, $14.95), Deanna helps readers understand what hurts, learn what helps, and discover that they can heal and move forward.

WHEN SOMETHING FEELS WRONG provides teens with the straight talk and realistic advice they need, from what's going on (How do I know? Is it my fault? Why is it so hard to tell? Why is it still so hard to talk about?) to struggling through (learning to trust, things that make healing hard, establishing boundaries, making healthy choices, taking positive risks, letting go, moving on).

"Getting out from under abuse is so difficult for anyone-even the most resilient adult-let alone a teenager, to handle alone," says Deanna. "Teenagers need to understand what their options are, what to realistically expect from others, and how to make positive choices while managing strong and confusing feelings-feelings made all the more difficult by the turbulence of adolescence and the exploration of relationships."

WHEN SOMETHING FEELS WRONG consists of two parts. The first, What Is Abuse? Includes topics such as:

The second section, Your Healing Journey, includes:

WHEN SOMETHING FEELS WRONG also includes 19 "What If . . . ?" questions and answers covering topics of special concern for abused teens, from ~1Vhat if the abuser was drunk or high?" to "What if I consented to sex with my teacher or coach?"

Throughout the book, readers will find the "been there" experiences and advice of teens who, like them, are coping with the aftermath of abuse.

"Sometimes when l get bored in math, l just start remembering things. l have to work really hard to think about something else."

"What finally helped me was when some girl came to school and talked about sexual abuse. She could have been me, and she didn't get in brouble when she talked about it ...."

"l felt like l let a friend down because l didn't do anything. l knew he was acting weird, ' but l never would have guessed why. NOW I know that guys can get abused, too."

"I met with my therapist for a couple of years before I really started noticing that I was feeling better. Sure, l still have some down days, but having people around who care helps keep me going."

WHEN SOMETHlNG FEELS WRONG provides teens with the words they need to understand and talk about their experience-and answers the questions they have about ever feeling good again. ·

WHEN SOMErHING FEELS WRONG: A Survlval Guide About Abuse For Young People) by Deanna S. Pledge, Ph.D.

ISBN 1-57542-115-1 · $14.95 · 6" x 9" · 224 pp. · Softcover · Ages 13 &~ up

About the Author: Deanna S. Pledge, Ph.D. (Columbia, Missouri), is a psychologist in private practice and an assistant professor who has worked with abused children and teens in both private and public settings for over a decade. In addition, she has developed training texts, articles, and books to help professionals and nonprofessionals recognize, understand, and help families in crisis. Deanna's professional topics include family stress, therapeutic techniques, and coping with abuse.

About Free Spirit Publishing (www.freesplrit.com). Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Free Spirit Publishing Inc. is an award-winning publisher specializing in SELF-HELP FOR KIDS and SELF-HELP FOR TEENS- including a variety of nonfiction materials for kids, parents, and teachers that inform, inspire, and engage. Free Spirit books for teens include When Nothing Matters Anymore, The Struggle to Be Strong and What Teens Need to Succeed. Free Spirit books are available at bookstores, through major trade wholesalers, and directly from Free Spirit.

Books by Mary Ellen Lee



ISBN: 1-891929-87-9 ($12.95)

Danny and Life on Bluff Point: Lost in the Dark, is the third in a series of historical novels for children. This portion of the Danny adventures takes place in February of 1895 with winter fun and chores continuing. Pa and Uncle Henry race their spirited teams and sleighs along - the Ridge Road. Danny is given his own small iceboat, which is to be shared with Cousin Jay.

Our hero fails to pay attention to what is happening around him and spends a cold windless night, alone on Keuka Lake ice. Danny chooses the wrong direction in the moonless night and walks further away from home. He decides to try to hide his iceboating mistakes from Ma and Pa.

Danny comes to understand falsehoods are of no help and taking responsibility for his actions is the best policy.

The first book of the series:

ISBN 1 -891929-20-8 price $ 11.95

This book takes place in December of 1894 on a large fruit and live stock farm in upstate New York. As the only boy, Danny is expected to help with the many chores around the family farm, but is hampered by his unusually small frame and lack of strength. He overcomes these by his determination to contribute to the well being of his family. He and his three sisters enjoy good times with their pets, old time hired hand, cousins, neighbors, and friends.

The dangers of rural life are real. Danny helps to deal with a cougar and runaway horses. He also learns that confrontations with a bully are better managed by talk and not fists.

The second book of the series:

DANNY AND LIFE ON BLUFF POINT: the Blizzard of '95
ISBN l -891929-68-2 price $ 12.95

While returning home from a trip to his Grandpa's blacksmith shop, Danny and his Cousin Jay are caught in the start of a three day blizzard and have a miserable ride home. Their return trip was delayed by a detour to do some forbidden exploring. For his failure to heed Grandpa Scott's warning, Danny is assigned extra work. He and his family are rewarded for his efforts in several ways. Danny learns the importance of following instructions and not to judge people until you know them. This book takes place in January, 1895.

These books are excellent for students who want to know more about growing up in the late 1800's. Mary Ellen Lee has based her historical novels for children on the journal written by her Grandpa Lee. The author is trained in science and did research for thirty-three years. She is retired and lives on the shore of one of the larger Finger Lakes of upstate New York. She and her family have lived in this area for four generations. A nearby lake, Keuka, is the setting for these books. Mary Ellen enjoys outdoor activities such as gardening, water sports, and bike riding. History and nature have provided a lifetime of enjoyment.

Each subsequent book will include history, over coming personal challenges, solving conflict, the need for setting goals, the importance of family and neighbor cooperation, family fun, danger and excitement. Please visit my web site at www.linkny.com/~marystag for additional information. Publisher: Four Seasons.

Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering

Poets Announced for the Sixteenth Annual ARIZONA COWBOY POETS GATHERING

Scheduled for August 14,15, and 16,2003

The Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering is pleased to announce the Featured Poets for this the Sixteenth Annual Gathering.

Working cowboy poets and traditional reciters from all over Arizona and around the West submitted their poetry, either on CD, on cassette tape or on paper, to bejudged by a peer review committee.

The following cowboy poets were selected from over one hundred-fifty applicants and will be the featured reciters in this year's Gathering: Bimbo Cheney, Spring Creek, Nevada; Jan Choate-Keith, Animas, New Mexico; Daisy Dillard, Kingman, Arizona; Ray Fitzgerald, Van Horn, Texas; Chris Isaacs, Eagar, Arizona; Carole Jarvis, Wickenburg, Arizona; Steve Lindsey, Elgin, Arizona; Joel Nelson, Alpine, Texas; Mike Prince, Alamo, Nevada; Randy Rieman, Lamy, New Mexico; Jesse Smith, Porterville, California; Bud Strom, Hereford, Arizona; Charlotte Thompson, Battle Mountain, Nevada; and Marge Tucker Woodhurst, Chino Valley, Arizona.

Don Edwards from Weatherford, Texas, will headline at the 7:30 pm evening show on Thursday with Featured Poets Chris Isaacs, Carol Jarvis, Randy Rieman, and Jesse Smith and Cowboy Storyteller and Humorist Dennis Gaines.

Friday night's 8:00 pm performance headlines the Gillette Brothers from Crockett, Texas, Dennis Gaines, Featured Poets Daisy Dillard, Ray Fitzgerald, Joel Nelson, Bud Strom, and special guests Jean Prescott and Barry Rumsey.

Saturday's 5:00 pm performance will feature the Desert Sons from Tucson, Arizona, Featured Poets Bimbo Cheny, Jan Choate-Keith, Steve Lindsey, and Marge Tucker Woodhurst and special guests. Saturday's 8:00 pm performance will feature the Desert Sons, Dennis Gaines, Featured Poets Joel Nelson, Mike Prince, Randy Rieman, and Charlotte Thompson, and special musical guests Roughstring.

All evening performances will be held at the Yavapai College Performance Hall, 1100 E. Sheldon, Prescott, Arizona. All shows were almost sold out last year, so it is advisable to purchase tickets in advance. All seating is reserved seating.

The theme for this year's Gathering is Tools of the Trade. The Gathering will present more than 100 poets, reciters and old-time singers who keep alive the working cowboy's oral traditions by writing, reciting and singing narrative poetry about their lives on the Arizona range.

The Gathering will take place August 14, 15, and 16 with evening shows on Thursday at 7:30 pm, Friday at 8:00 pm, and Saturday at 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm at the Yavapai College Performance Hall. Free multiple daytime sessions begin at noon on Friday on the Museum grounds.

The entire day Saturday, beginning at 9:00 am, will again see the period buildings and beautiful grounds of Sharlot Hall Museum jammed with activity. The Gathering will host multiple sessions featuring traditional and contemporary cowboy poetry, humorous poetry, old-time singing, songwriting, cowboy yodeling, stories of ranching old-timers and much more.

A Gathering reception at the Phippen Museum on Friday at 5:00 pm is open to all. Music will be provided by Roughstring.

All daytime sessions are open free of charge to the general public. Tickets for the four evening shows are $15.00. Advance tickets may be ordered by mail from the Yavapai College Community Events Box Office, Yavapai College, 1 100 E. Sheldon St., Prescott, AZ 86301, or call the toll-free number 877.928.4253 (877.YCTICKETS). For additional information about the Gathering, call 928.445.3122 or visit www.sharlot.org. We welcome media participation in this event. Digital photos are available upon request. For details, contact Warren Miller at 928.445.3122 or FAX 928.776.9053.

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