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BZB Publishing, LLC. was formed in 2006 to manage the web site and media properties of the Entertainment Magazine.

The origins of the Entertainment Magazine began in December 1977 with the print editions of the Youth Awareness Press and the Tucson Teen newspapers. Entertainment Magazine title was first published in 1982. went online in January 1995.

BZB Publishing owner and publisher Robert Zucker has been producing tabloid newspapers since 1977 and Web sites since 1995. He retired from teaching at the University of Arizona and Pima Community College in 2004.

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Entertainment Magazine ( is published through BZB Publishing, Inc. in conjunction with Southwest Alternatives Institute, Inc., a non-profit organization that has provided community services since 1977 in the US Southern Arizona region.

Robert Zucker is the founder and President of BZB Publishing Inc. Robert, a Tucson, Arizona native, is publisher the 20-year old web version of the Entertainment Magazine at He has published several newspapers over the past three decades including the Entertainment Magazine, Tucson Teen and Youth Awareness Press. A dozen years were also spent as an adjunct instructor at the University of Arizona Department of Journalism and Pima Community College. Read more

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Entertainment Magazine acquired by BZB Publishing, Inc. (3/1/06)

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Books by BZB Publishing

BZB Publishing has published several books by local Tucson, Arizona authors. The books are registered with Bowker and sold through Amazon Kindle.

Entertain Tucson

Entertaining Tucson

By Robert E. Zucker

Thousands of entertainers and hundreds of bands have been through the local entertainment scene in Tucson, Arizona between the 1950s into the 2000s. "Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades" revives that period of Tucson local music with articles, interviews and stories about the entertainers who performed in Tucson nightclubs and theatres across 50 years.

Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains Tucson Arizona

The Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains

Legends of lost mines, lost cities and a lost mission have been passed down by word of mouth for generations. The most famous legend, the Iron Door Mine, helped launch the early American hunt for gold in the 1850s. "Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains" explores in detail the lost legends and historical events that shaped the Catalinas. Read more about the legends and history of the Santa Catalinas.

Arizona Treasures

Searching for Arizona's Buried Treasures

Two Year Odyssey - Found 82 lbs. of Gold!

Authored by Mr. Ron Quinn. Treasure hunting in Southern Arizona with Ron Quinn, brother Chuck, and good friends and partners, Roy Purdie and Walt Fisher is a fun read and a great book for novice or seasoned treasure hunters. The four friends finally unearthed a medium-size treasure south of Tucson, Arizona, which consisted of 82 pounds of Spanish gold bullion. Read sample pages from Ron Quinn's new book, "Searching for Arizona's Buried Treasures."

Mysterious DisappearancesAmazon

By Ron Quinn

Stories about odd and unusual occurrences, disappearing circumstances and mysterious phenomenon. Read portions of Ron Quinn's book Mysterious DisappearancesAmazon.

Traveling ShowAmazon

Published by Robert E. Zucker

The Traveling Show is a collection of poems and artwork that ravels together a story line of the lives of the people who pass through one’s life. Everyone has his or her own Traveling Show. As we interact with the people we meet, their influences on our lives shape the way we grow and how we perform. Some of those entertainers are just fancy dancers and those in search of rainbows. But, they may have the most profound effect on our lives. Read more about The Traveling Show

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