ALPINE UNIVERSE just premiered his new music video HELIOS. It’s an epic piece blending genres together in a fast paced drum & bass setting.

ALPINE UNIVERSE’S new video was recently premiered by WE RAVE YOU to great acclaim. HELIOS captures the listener as a grand cinematic anthem laced in drum and bass beats and perfected with its anthemic top layer vocals. Ian Moore of Uwowi Films directed this new video in which Alpine Universe stars himself. The fast editing and intense color effects bring out the core of the song. A fast ride and a must watch!

HELIOS comes from Alpine Unverse’s eponymous debut album and also features the recently released Organika. The 12-track concept album will transport you on a futuristic adventure, where advanced technology meets ancient knowledge. Drawing musical influences from all five continents, the French producer and composer showcases his signature sound with consistency, in a wide variety of electronic music genres. From the Trap and Dubstep basslines heard on “Kronos” or “The Top of the Mountain” to the Electro-House of “Valor” and “The Hunter.”

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Taken from Alpine’s debut Album:



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