Astral Projection Techniques: Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever dreamed that you are dreaming? If so, you had an astral projection experience!

A new book on Astral Projection, “Twilight of Consciousness,” by author and publisher Robert Zucker, examines the dream state and provides numerous techniques on how to achieve astral projection awareness through lucid dreaming.

“Twilight of Consciousness,” by Robert E. Zucker.
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A dream can take you to the deepest reaches of the galaxy without having to move an inch. You can be by the ocean side or upon a desolate mountain top, yet still laying peacefully in bed. There is no limit to where your mind can take you. Those nocturnal journeys are more than hallucinations and imagination– they are a mirror into our soul and a reflection of the world around us.

For some, this mysterious place is a called the Astral World or Astral Plane. We visit the Astral every night when we dream. Most of us, however, are oblivious to the experience. With some practice, you can gain the skills to “dream while awake” and to be able to control your dreams.

Astral Projection is safe and usually practiced prior to falling asleep at night, just before awakening, or spontaneously while dreaming.

Each night, in the midst of sleep, you are guided on a spectacular journey into another dimension of your mind. A magical world unfolds before your closed eyes. A dream is evoked. For a few hours, you become an unwitting participant in some mysterious and surreal environment.

Dreams will take you anywhere. You can visit places you may never have seen before and do things you would never expect to act out when awake. You become projected beyond the walls of your mind into vast, unimaginable horizons– as if you were in a virtual reality environment. Dreams propel you into the deepest reaches of the galaxy without having to move an inch.

You might feel as if you were sitting on a beach, at a friend’s house, or a desolate mountain top, yet still lay peacefully in bed. You can travel the back roads of your mind and interact with forgotten memories, lost friends, relatives, and strangers.

Each dream leads to a new and exciting experience. Those virtual journeys are more than fragmentary hallucinations mixed with imagination. They are a mirror into your soul and reflect the way you view the world. Take a journey into your own dreams and rediscover yourself.


As we dream, we all experience an Astral Projection– we’re just not aware of it. The ability to change an ordinary dream into a conscious experience is what distinguishes the typical dream from an Astral Projection.

This is the first step into the Astral World when the sights and sounds of your dream seem more than just uncontrollable situations. The dream state, which started as a flow of elusive imagery and sensations form into a lucid, almost life-like environment. Consciousness enters the dream.

Awareness during the dream enables the dreamer to separate from the hassles and conflicts of the dream and gain some control over the surroundings.

The longer you can retain your alertness during your dream, the more control you gain over your experience.

Then, you can continue to interact with the dream environment or disperse those illusionary remnants and ascend to higher levels of consciousness.


To gain the most from this instructional book on dream consciousness and astral projection, read as much as you can each night until you get too tired. As you fall asleep, practice some of the techniques provided in each section. The larger typeface makes it more suitable to read just before you fall asleep.

The goal is to increase awareness of your dreams and to gain more control over them. My intention is to guide you across that threshold.

Peel back the veil of sleep and look into your subconscious mind in the first section of “Sleep: The Darkening Veil.”

Explore the mechanics of your brain and how to harness that potential to bridge your waking and dream experiences with the “Magic of Your Mind.”

Unleash your dream body and explore this Astral World while “Mastering Astral Projection Techniques.” Re-read chapters to re-spark your creativity, dreams, and other Astral experiences.=

Have you ever dreamed that you were dreaming?
If so, you already experienced
an Astral Projection! Now,
learn how to manage it.

Read selected pages from Robert Zucker’s “Twilight of Consciousness,”

“Twilight of Consciousness” is the second book written by Robert on the occult. His first book, “Kabbalah’s Secret Circles” reveals a very unique device to spin the 231 Holy Gates mentioned in the Book of Creation (“Sefer Yetzirah”). Read selected chapters and download free sample PDFs several more books published by Robert.


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