AZ Author Jeff Mariotte at the 11th annual Tucson Comic-Con

Arizona author Jeff Mariotte joins the guest list of the 11th annual Tucson Comic-Con. Mariotte has won multiple scribe awards for his novel writing on Thirty Days of Night: Rumors of the Undead, CSI: Brass in Pocket, and Las Vegas: High Stakes Game.

“We are honored to have the bestselling, multiple-award-winning author of more than seventy novels, Jeff Mariotte attend TCC this year,” says founder of Tucson Comic-Con Teresita Olivares. “He really classes up the joint!”

Over in the comics arena, he’s worked for IDW, Image, and Wildstorm and is most notable for his tie-in work in the Whedonverse of Buffy and Angel, along with his own intellectual property Desperadoes, which takes place in the weird west, a landscape that may look mighty familiar to locals.

Location of autographs and photos to be announced, so stay tuned!

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Tucson Comic-Con, founded in 2008, began as a single day event attended by 500 fans. Since then attendance has steadily grown to 14,000 fans in 2016. TCC is dedicated to being an epic, community-based pop cultural experience for all that reflects today’s fandom and the unique nature of Tucson, Arizona and the American Southwest. Our motto is “Pop Culture For All!”

The 11th annual Tucson Comic-Con takes place on November 2-4 at the Tucson Convention Center.

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