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Southwest History Books

“Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains” by Robert Zucker
Learn the complete legends and history of the Santa Catalina Mountains, located near Tucson, Arizona. Find out the abut the history behind the legend of the Iron Door Mine. Discover how Buffalo Bill Cody mined the Catalinas for tungsten and gold at Campo Bonito. Follow the Tucson pioneers who prospected the Catalinas and established the town of Oracle. Over 400 pages of stories, news articles and insights with more than 1,000 reference sources. Download a free PDF sample.

“Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades
by Robert Zucker
Three volumes filled with over 700 pages covering 50 years of Tucson entertainment with hundreds of original photographs, interviews and articles from published stories in local Tucson newspapers, Newsreal and Entertainment Magazine. Thousands of musicians indexed by name and band. Volume 1 covers 1950s through 1985. Volume 2 covers 1986-1989 and Volume 3 covers the 1990s. Download a free PDF sample of Volume 4 with the full index, contents and selected articles.

Canyon of Gold, Buffalo Bill Cody & The legendary Iron Door Mine Treasure by William “Flint” Carter
Discover the Santa Catalina Mountains from a perspective of “Flint” Carter who mined the mountains for four decades. Learn some of the history of the mountain, including the life of Buffalo Bill Cody who owned a gold and tungsten mine near Oracle, Arizona. Flint tells his story of the mountains and how he prospected gold into Canada del Oro and maintained an old cabin near Mt. Lemmon. Read comments from visitors to the cabin near Oracle Ridge over the decades.

Personal Development:
Kabbalah and Astral Projection Books

Kabbalah’s Secret Circles
by Robert Zucker
Discover the many lost and forgotten secrets of the Kabbalah through the words of famous Rabbi’s and authors throughout history. Follow a historical time line of Judaic mysticism and learn the basic principles of the Kabbalah. Devise your own Kabbalah Wheel to spin the legendary 231 Gates of combinations and permutations, as described in the ancient book on Jewish mysticism– the Sepher Yetzirah (Book of Formation). Download a free PDF sample and buy online.

Twilight of Consciousness by Robert E. Zucker
Experience dream awareness and master astral projection techniques. This book helps understand the bridge between waking and sleeping and how to utilize these states of consciousness to induce an astral projection episode. Learn about the stages of sleep that make it possible to observe and manipulate dream imagery. Dream awareness is easier than you imagined!