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Local Tucson authors Robert Zucker, Flint Carter and Ron Quinn have released books about Tucson and Southern Arizona area. They feature books on lost Spanish treasures and Tucson entertainment history.

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In “Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains,” Robert has compiled an extensive history and legends of the Santa Catalina Mountains. He collaborated with Flint to reveal many forgotten legends of lost mines, a lost city and a lost mission north of Tucson, Arizona in the Catalinas. There are hundreds of stories of prospectors who have scoured the mountain range in search of naturally embedded gold, copper and silver, and in the search for the lost Iron Door Mine (also called the Escalante Mine).

Flint Carter has been prospecting the Catalina Mountains for more than four decades and has several large mining claims still active in the mountains. He has followed the legend of the Iron Door Mine in the footsteps of many other treasure hunters, including Buffalo Bill Cody who owned a mining venture near Oracle. Robert Zucker has explored the Santa Catalinas all of his life and has extensively researched the legends and history of the mountains

Read chapters and download a free PDF sample of “Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains” and Flint Carter’s personal account of his prospecting experiences in “Canyon of Gold, Buffalo Bill Cody & the legendary Iron Door Mine Treasure”.

Ron Quinn successfully uncovered 82 pounds of Spanish gold bullion with his friends in the mountains near Tubac and Arivaca. In Ron’s book, “Searching for Arizona’s Buried Treasures,” he reveals his expeditions into the mountains and describes the various Spanish legends that led him and his friends to an authentic buried Spanish treasure. Ron has photos, maps and details to his journey. Read samples from Ron’s two books, “Searching for Arizona’s Buried Treasures” and from Ron’s interesting books on strange occurrences called “Mysterious Disappearances.”

Entertaining Tucson by Robert Zucker"Entertaining Tucson"

“Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades” is a comprehensive three-volume set that covers the Tucson entertainment and music scene from the 1950s through the end of the 1990s. Each volume contains hundreds of pages of original photographs, newspaper articles and interviews published in The Entertainment Magazine and Newsreal tabloids from the 1970s through 1990s. Read chapters, search for your name or your band, and download free PDF sample of “Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades.”

These local books can be purchased in Tucson, Arizona bookstores (Antigone Books and Mostly Books), sporting good stores (Summit Hut), and on the web at Amazon.com. They can also be ordered with a credit card by calling the publisher, BZB Publishing House, at 520-623-3733.

If you are looking for the local Tucson Entertainment Book, the Entertainment coupon company no longer has a Tucson, Arizona office. The new Tucson entertainment book for 2018 is available through the official Entertainment Book web site.

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