David Moskowitz recent activities:

• Veronica’s Auto Insurance commercial (testimonial). Will air on the O.C’s ONLY commercial broadcast station, KDOC-TV (Channel 56). Shoots Tues., Feb. 27th in Whittier, CA.

• Featured on an undisclosed new network show (the scheduler says I’ll get all the details after I sign an NDA on shoot day, Wed., Feb. 28th). But, if memory serves me, it has to do with a psychic reconnecting with my deceased parents (all I care about is that they’re STILL proud of me! *lump in throat*).

• Considered to be a contestant on “America’s Got Talent” Season 13 (shooting March/April), and Season 14 (fall) for my Pied Piper act: https://youtu.be/vN48paIpvRY

• Performed as a mime (first time doing a performance on stage!) @ WTF-Lesque show, Canby Bar, Reseda, CA (2/8/18): https://youtu.be/W9X2LoASIeI

• In the running to be featured on a 6-part Facebook series about “keyboard warriors” speaking publicly. Shoots Mid-March and is sponsored by a MAJOR conservative news outlet (I asked if it was Brietbart but the CD couldn’t tell me!). But the CD appeared to REALLY like me, and said I should know something by Friday! (Fingers-toes-arms crossed! National exposure if I get it!).

• Considered to be a “Jeopardy” game show contestant (I’ll know something next week).

• Featured on the “Snap Decision” game show (Game Show Network), hosted by comic, David Allen Grier, airing in March. Basically I’m one of three people featured on the show that contestants have to guess correctly about.

• Mosky & Friends” talk show pilot shooting in March. Think “The Charlie Rose Show” only BETTER with compelling topics RELEVANT to people’s lives!

• And auditions galore DAILY!