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D. Boone Pittman “She Likes the Beach”

Classic Country Lyrics Meld with Americana Sounds for Satisfying Single

Emerging Americana singer-songwriter D. Boone Pittman has released the super fun video for the instantly satisfying single off of his latest album “Emerge”, entitled “She Likes the Beach” to his YouTube channel.


With jangling guitars and a vocal delivery reminiscent of giants of the genre like Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks, Pittman first revels in the differences between rural and island life, then laments the possibility of the loss of love. He likes to be amidst the beauty and majesty of the mountain air, while she longs to be immersed in the water and sunning on the sand of the nearest beach. Despite the disparities, their romantic connection keeps the relationship going strong, and in the end compromise saves the day.

D. Boone Pittman makes Eastern Kentucky seem as mythical, alluring and inviting as any setting that’s ever been immortalized in song. We’ve all come to know and love places because songs have inspired us to daydream about them: Memphis, El Paso, New Orleans, San Francisco, L.A.—from “Sweet Home Alabama” to “the South South Bronx.” But the scenery we encounter in Pittman’s songs is distinct in that he’s not just a troubadour passing through and observing for a night before heading for the next show. In fact, any place would be lucky to have a D. Boone Pittman to reveal its charms, its limitations, its stories, its humanity—its truth—to the world. Having grown up in the Powell County town of Stanton, it’s as if the lay of the land has soaked into his bones. And even when he touches on travails—be they his own or the more collective challenges he addresses for all of our benefit—his love of home pours into every note of his rockin’ blend of country and bluegrass.

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Music New Releases

Cool is Forever: Long Time SONY Head Bob Morelli Celebrates New Success in Consulting Biz

Industry Expert Continues His Tradition of Helping Musicians Create a Lasting Career

(New York) – Former Sony Music RED President Bob Morelli is celebrating the one year anniversary of his Long Island-based “Cool is Forever Consulting LLC”.

Cool is Forever Consulting specializes in big picture strategies, tactical marketing, sales initiatives, negotiating distribution and label deals with a full team providing service in digital marketing, online advertising, social media, creative, data analytics, A&R, and influencer marketing.

“This Summer 2021, I am celebrating the one year anniversary of Cool is Forever Consulting LLC. After a long run at running Indie and major Distribution companies as well as start up Labels, I now assist artists, labels and industry partners with strategies and how best to navigate the evolving music business. Looking very forward to year two!”

A music veteran of 30+ years, Morelli has strong relationships with industry leaders and power players. He was involved in the successes of The Bee Gees, KISS, Bon Jovi, Donna Summer, Sting and Eric Clapton while at Polygram Records. Later arriving at RCA Records then BMG, he assisted in the launches and growth of Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Britney Spears, Dirty Dancing, Whitney Houston, The Notorious B.I.G., ATCQ, Rod Stewart, Yanni, Usher, Santana, Creed, Buddy Guy, Moby, The Strokes and Foo Fighters. 

“It’s really amazing the talent of artists and entrepreneurs out there. I’ve run Marketing and Sales departments, been a major company GM and the last 14 years was the President of 2 Sony companies. My experience along with the team, helps whomever I work with to move forward.”

When BMG merged with Sony, Morelli was tapped to run the company as EVP/GM. He combined two staffs, two work cultures and ran this 2 billion dollar company, while working with iconic artists like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel and Beyonce. After BMG/Sony, he began a 12 year run as President of RED Distribution at Sony Music Entertainment. Within 2 years, Bob started restructuring and adding “Label Services,” that revolutionized distribution companies. This approach attracted the best labels, artists in the music business including Jason Aldean, Mumford and Sons, Alabama Shakes, Kelsea Ballerini, Phoenix, Bayside, LoCash, Daya, Noah Cyrus, In This Moment, 21 Savage, Brandy Carlile, Bullet for My Valentine, Joey Badass, Jason Isbell, Gov’t Mule, Fredo Bang, G-Eazy, AWOLNATION, Childish Gambino + many more. Post running distribution, Morelli transitioned to President of start-up label, RED MUSIC LABEL GROUP, as part of Sony Music before leaving to create his own company, Cool is Forever Consulting LLC. 

He can be reached at: [email protected] 

Or Visit:

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Music New Releases

Elektragaaz Presents “The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing, Pt. 3″

Following the Debut and Second Installment, “The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2”,  the third highly anticipated Elektragaaz EP is out Sept 14th on AIS Records via The Orchard

(New York, NY) – The New EP from Elektragaaz, “The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing Part 3,” hits all major musical platforms on September 14. The previous two EPs, also released by AIS Records and distributed by The Orchard, have been greeted with resounding critical praise with some reviewers going so far as to announce the EPs as contemporary musical landmarks. 


The unique multi-fusion electronic music of Elektragaaz is created by a group of talented New York metropolitan area musicians and a reclusive and mysterious young Frisian composer who goes by the name of Poppo Redband. The cinematic instrumentals of Elektragaaz unreel personal films in the listener’s mind as the music presents a smorgasbord of old and new pop cultural references ranging from video games to film noir to tales of gods and heroes—both modern and ancient—to epic science fiction, to a myriad of other pop influences. 

While Elektrgaaz has now released three EPs in 2021, the group doesn’t simply churn out six new songs every few months. Indeed, Redband launched Elektragaaz in 2017 at the age of nineteen and the catalogue from which the band has crafted its ongoing series of faceted musical gems is deep, wide and brilliant and unbounded by notions of mere genre. One amusing side aspect of Elektragaaz is that, for Redband, the group exists on both a real world and on a virtual level. In the real world, Elektragaaz is composed of serious and enormously creative young musical professionals putting in long but rewarding hours in the studio, a group who hopefully will soon be performing spectacular live shows in the New York area. 

However, young Redband, in addition to being a composer, is a want-to-be video game developer and for those purposes he has imagined another Elektragaaz, a gang of superheroes, with musical weapons of mass destruction, a band of warriors that have gathered to take back the City of Music from hordes of musical villains including the Moforkians, the Krisghouls,  the Bangolice, the Rockerdead, the Lumpergens and the dreaded Puristas. One might describe it as Justice League meets Fortnite.  However, for now that virtual Elektragaaz is only a fun figment of Redband’s active imagination. But, in the realm of reality what present and potential fans of Elektragaaz can expect for sure is a steady stream of EPs spinning mind-grabbing pictures and vivid hues. It’s a magical mystery tour of a whole other kind and other time and “The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing Part 3” is your ticket to ride.

The latest Elektrgaaz EP will be available on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and on every major music platform. 

Here’s a free preview of “The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing, Pt. 3″ on Soundcloud.

Elektragazz on Facebook

Elektragaaz on Instagram

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Concerts/Tours Music New Releases

Jesse Colin Young Releases “These Dreams of You”

The legendary singer-songwriter’s version of the 1970 Van Morrison classic is available now

Tour dates on August 21 with Steve Miller Band and August 22 with Judy Collins are on sale now
August 20, 2021 (Los Angeles, CA): Legendary singer songwriter Jesse Colin Younghas released his rendition of Van Morrison’s 1970 classic “These Dreams of You” today, Friday, August 20. The brand new single can be found on all streaming and digital music platforms:

“’These Dreams of You’ is a tongue in cheek look at relationships gone really wrong, and I couldn’t resist a good shuffle,” said Young.
Check out the brand new view HERE or below:
Click to Hear “These Dreams of You”
In support of this release, Jesse Colin Young is set to perform tomorrow, August 21alongside Steve Miller at the Never Forget Concert at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, NY which will benefit the Tunnels to Towers Foundation. Honoring the 20th Anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the event will also feature JourneyJohn FogertyAnn Wilson, and many more. To purchase tickets or find more information, please click HERE.

Young will be performing at the Koussevitzky Music Shed at Tanglewood Music Centerin Lenox, MA on August 22 with longtime friend Judy Collins. Tickets start at $24 and can be purchased HERE.
In late 2020, Young released his 22nd solo album, Highway Troubadour, via BMG. Highway Troubadour marks the first truly solo acoustic record for Young since his debut album, 1964’s The Soul of a City Boy.

Recorded with just two AEA A440 ribbon microphones to capture warmth – one for his voice, and one for his guitar – Highway Troubadour features newly-recorded solo performances of songs from Jesse Colin Young’s entire catalog, including a revised take on the Youngbloods’ “Sugar Babe” and an intimate version of “Cast a Stone” from his critically-acclaimed 2019 release, Dreamers.

Critics are loving Highway Troubadour:

“…these reimagined songs, filled with so much warmth and love, transcend the road-weary travels of a folk troubadour to reveal the resiliency of the human spirit.”-Acoustic Guitar

“He’s singing to us with his warm vocals, his cascading fingerpicking, and we’re sure happy that Jesse Colin Young is still riding the highways as our troubadour.”-Folk Alley

“…he’s still the folkie he always was, loaded with warmth and inclusiveness well before they became the buzzwords they are now.”-Midwest Record  

“…when he was finally able to make a return to music last year with Dreamers, his first album in 13 years, his return to music made his life feel fully complete. Now, with a new project, tellingly-titled Highway Troubadour, a circle is complete as well.”-Rock and Roll Globe

For more information on Jesse Colin Young, please visit
About Jesse Colin Young
A pioneer of American roots music for more than half a century, Jesse Colin Young has left a unique mark on the intersecting worlds of folk, blues, jazz, country, and rock & roll. As the front man of the Youngbloods, he immortalized the ideals of the Woodstock generation with “Get Together,” an international hit that called for peace and brotherhood during the turbulent 1960s. During the decades that followed, Young expanded both his audience and his artistic range, releasing a string of solo albums that mixed socially conscious lyrics with top-tier guitar skills and gorgeous vocals. An acclaimed songwriter, singer, instrumentalist, producer, label owner, podcast host, and longtime social/environmental activist, he has established a permanent place in America’s musical landscape, while continuing to make modern music that’s every bit as vital as his work during the countercultural era.

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Music New Releases

Santana’s Star-Studded New Album

Legendary Guitarist Carlos Santana Announces His Star-Studded New Album, Blessings and Miracles, Due Out Oct. 15 on BMG

First single “Move,” with Rob Thomas (and American Authors), out Aug. 18. 
Other guests include Chris Stapleton, G-Eazy, Steve Winwood and more 

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 18, 2021) – Multi-Grammy Award-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Carlos Santana has announced today that his star-studded, masterful new album, Blessings and Miracles, will be released worldwide via BMG on October 15. The record’s dazzling first single, “Move,” which sees the music legend and guitar icon reteamed with Matchbox 20 singer Rob Thomas (along with American Authors), will be released on August 18.

Listen to “Move” HERE.
Pre-order Blessings and Miracles HERE.

In addition to “Move,” Santana’s collaboration “She’s Fire” with Diane Warren & G-Eazy is available now.  

Blessings and Miracles is one of the most ambitious, inspired and magical albums of Santana’s storied career, on which the legendary guitarist aims higher than ever. “The title of this album comes from my belief that we’re born with heavenly powers that allows us to create blessings and miracles,” Santana says. “The world programs you to be unworthy of those gifts, but we have to utilize light, spirit and soul – they’re indestructible and immutable. Those are the three main elements on this album.”

In addition to the above talents, Blessings and Miracles sees Santana collaborating with a diverse host of brilliant artists, writers and producers including Chris Stapleton, Steve Winwood, Chick Corea, Rick Rubin, Corey Glover, Kirk Hammett, Ally Brooke and Narada Michael Walden, among others, on genre-bending, hook-filled knockout musical celebrations.

The record also features bravura performances from members of Santana’s touring band (including drummer Cindy Blackman Santana and singer Tommy Anthony), as well as impeccable vocals and keyboards by the guitarist’s son, Salvador Santana, and stunning lead vocals by daughter, Stella Santana.

Expectations understandably run high with the pairing of Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas, whose 1999 multiple Grammy-winning smash “Smooth” became a worldwide staple – and the two performers have turned in a new classic. “Move” is a grinding, grooving and breathtaking mix of pop and Latin rock with sure-fire hooks for days. Thomas, backed by the vocal talents of Zac Barnett and American Authors, is dynamic and sensual, and Santana matches his supreme performance with solos that explode with tectonic force.

“‘Move’ came about very much like how ‘Smooth’ happened,” Santana recalls. “It was like divine intelligence behind the scenes, and I just knew I had to record it with Rob. The song is about awakening your molecules. Ignite and activate yourself – you know, move. When Rob and I work together, we have a sound that’s splendiferous.”

The album’s second single, “She’s Fire,” is a hypnotically soulful ballad that works its way into your body chemistry and stays there. It’s one of two cuts written by mega-award-winning, chart-topping composer Diane Warren, and it sees Santana wrapping his exquisite guitar melodies around an enticing narrative spun by the rapper G-Eazy. “I’m so honored that Diane reached out to me and sent me her songs,” says Santana. Regarding G-Eazy, the guitarist is no less effusive. “He’s so talented. I’m thrilled at how we both sound on this song,” he says. “It reminds me of when Bill Graham once told me: ‘Your music is spiritual and sensual. That’s who you are.’ And that’s the message of ‘She’s Fire.’”

Santana spent much of the past two years recording Blessings and Miracles, serving as producer and collaborating with other record makers. Recording during Covid created a challenge only in that some musicians were separated geographically, beamed into sessions via technology; inspiration, however, was never in short supply. “It’s amazing how we can record together these days without being in the same studio,” Santana notes. “I just close my eyes and I’m in the same room with whomever I’m playing with, even if they’re somewhere far away. We share frequencies together.”

As for the stellar talents that appear alongside him on Blessings and Miracles, Santana admits that he’s sometimes surprised at how they magically enter his life. “I don’t choose people – it’s like I’m chosen,” he says. “But, of course, I’m honored to work with such incredible artists. I’m a surfer riding those waves that become songs by different artists, creators and architects. I’m very fortunate that I have the opportunity to do that. It’s a gift I don’t take for granted.”

Ahead of the release of Blessings and Miracles, Santana and his band will mark their long-awaited return to the concert stage after 18 months off. On August 25, Santana will resume their multi-year residency at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas (shows run from August 25 thru September. 4, with additional dates from November 3 thru December 11).

Santana’s Blessings and Miracles tour begins on September 11 at the Borgata Spa & Resort in Atlantic City, NJ, and will make stops in Richmond, VA, Orlando, Augusta, Tulsa, and more before it concludes on October 2 at the Choctaw Grand Theater in Durant, OK.

Blessings and Miracles full tracklist:

1. Ghost of Future Pull/ New Light
2. Santana Celebration
3. Rumbalero (featuring Salvador Santana & Asdru Sierra)
4. Joy (Carlos Santana & Chris Stapleton)
5. Move (Carlos Santana, Rob Thomas, Zac Barnett & American Authors)
6. A Whiter Shade of Pale (featuring Steve Winwood)
7. Break (featuring Ally Brooke)
8. She’s Fire (Diane Warren, G-Eazy & Carlos Santana)
9. Peace Power (featuring Corey Glover)
10. America for Sale (featuring Kirk Hammett & Marc Osegueda)
11. Breathing Underwater (featuring Stella Santana, Avi Snow, MVCA)
12. Mother Yes
13. Song for Cindy
14. Angel Choir (featuring Gayle Moran Corea)/ All Together (featuring Chick Corea)
15. Ghost of Future Pull II

* Vinyl Edition of Blessings and Miracles includes Yo Estare (featuring Ally Brooke)

For more information and tickets, please visit:

About Carlos Santana: 
For more than five decades – from Santana’s earliest days as a groundbreaking Afro-Latin-blues-rock fusion outfit in San Francisco – Carlos Santana has been the visionary force behind artistry that transcends musical genres and generational, cultural and geographical boundaries. To date, Santana has won ten Grammy Awards and three Latin Grammys, with a record-tying nine Grammys for a single project for 1999’s Supernatural(including Album of the Year and Record of the Year for “Smooth”). He has received the Billboard Century Award (1996), was ushered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1998), received the Billboard Latin Music Awards’ Lifetime Achievement honor (2009), and was the recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors Award (2013). Among many other distinctions, Carlos Santana has been cited by Rolling Stone as #15 on their list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” and has joined the Rolling Stones as one of only two bands to have an album reach the Top 10 in every decade since the 1960s. In 2018, he released his first MasterClass, and recently celebrated three epic milestones – the 20th anniversary of his groundbreaking album Supernatural, the 50th anniversary of his legendary performance at Woodstock, and the 50th anniversary of his masterpiece Abraxas.

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Music New Releases

Dom Cotton Releases “Get Me Outta Here”

Singer/Songwriter Dom Cotton Releases “Get Me Outta Here” Single/Video

Multi-Talented Artist Bringing Soaring Melodies From Down Under 

July 2021 (Sydney, Australia)  “Get Me Outta Here”, the new single/video from Australia based Singer/Songwriter Dom Cotton, is now available on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon and Apple Music. 



Straight from the shores of Sydney, Australia –  the intriguing upstart Singer/Songwriter and Instrumentalist is already making a deep impact with his thoughtful lyrics and feel good vibe. Dom recently re-entered the entertainment field and is already attracting attention and interest from around the globe. 

Cotton remarked “I started my career as a full time musician many years back, until “Adult Life” got in the way and I entered into the Property and Property Development Industries, which I was heavily involved in until May of last year, when the Pandemic first reared its ugly head”. He continued, “My business personally got decimated, and I know it has affected millions of people as well. Of all the negatives Covid has brought about, it has also brought about a few positives. It forced me to stop and revisit my old passion, music.”

By chance, Dom met a very talented lyricist and poet on Social Media (from the UK) and they’ve since collaborated and written close to 20 songs together, one of which became the debut single “GET ME OUTTA HERE”. 

About the song, Dom said “I suppose the title speaks for itself in the tumultuous times the world finds itself in. I first started writing this song about 11 years ago, for completely different reasons, but once the Pandemic forced us to stop and grounded me personally, I revisited it and with the help of my writing partner in the UK the inspiration came flowing back”.

Social media links:




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