Chuck Negron Celebrates 26 Years of Sobriety

On September 17, 1991, after an infamous battle with addiction, rock-and-roller Chuck Negron entered a life of sobriety that has continued for 26 years by checking in to CRI-Help, an addiction and drug rehab center in Los Angeles. According to the SAMHSA, September is National Recovery Month, details can be found at

“I got high just about every day, unless I was sleeping or arrested. Boom! I was just an accident waiting to happen. I started with Romilar and had done most of the other stuff, but heroin became my love. It had been offered to me countless times and I had refused, but one time I said yes. I loved it! I’d never felt anything comparable to that first heroin rush. All the emptiness and fear inside vanished. Everything seemed fine. Even throwing up felt good. Soon I was devoting my life to heroin. I stayed faithful to it for twenty years, seven months, and two weeks. I didn’t care about anything or anybody. I just wanted my dope,” said Negron in an interview on NPR’s All Things Considered.

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