Enjoying the JOGS Gem Show in Tucson

JOGS show is huge! The prices at the JOGS show in Tucson range from very reasonable to’call the bank to extend your credit limit’. The parking lot fills up very quickly. The best way is to park elsewhere and use the GemRide free shuttle. Also the JOGS app is very useful. You can register for the show. If you are not a wholesale buyer tickets are available.

Prepare to spend time there and wear comfortable walking shoes. The are food trucks outside. You will meet and interact with people from all over the world. We have been attending for years. It has always been a ‘must see’ for us. Beyond all the “pretty sparklies”, as Carolyn calls them, the best thing about the show is the people.

Download the Official Tucson Gem Show Guide for your cell phone at the app store for info.

Photos from this year’s 2019 Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows by Carolyn & James Barnett:

Carolyn Barnett at the JOGS Gem Show.

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