Ethan Matthew’s Echo Us “To Wake a Dream in Moving Water”

Ethan Matthew’s Echo Us is set to release two brand-new videoclips from the critically acclaimed album, To Wake a Dream in Moving Water.

On the heals of Echo Us’ most recent release, To Wake a Dream in Moving Water comes the second and third music videos from the album – the Celtic-traditional ambient melody, “May Morning Dew”, followed by “Aeriel (Satre Dance)”.

On May 14, “May Morning Dew”, the Celtic-traditional piece made famous by The Chieftans and many others receives an ambient-guitar treatment by Matthews and Echo Us – the first time the piece has ever been reworked for electric guitar.

“Aeriel (Satre Dance)” was originally released on an independent label compilation in the UK in October 1998, and was reprised on the new Echo Us album. It was chosen as a videoclip because of its engaging melody that has previously been referred to as a “love it or hate it, certainly hard to forget” theme. “Aeriel” combines the approach of earlier Echo Us videoclips, but with a new focus on found objects.

From Ethan Matthews, Echo Us creator:

“In the past most of the video work focused on photo animations and other types of ‘animated blending’ of scenes and digital art objects. This time all the footage was generated in a more organic way- specifically from found objects that fit the theme of the music.”

“Aeriel” is set for release May 22, 2018.

“I certainly believe in going within to find a connection with the outer world. To find the ‘child’ within where everything is open to speculation and wonder…it’s a sort of ‘psychic’ connection for me, and music is simply part of the process.”

Echo Us is a musical concept project active since the turn of the century. Begun by American composer and multi-instrumentalist Ethan J. Matthews, “Echo Us” literally means “to answer”, or “to connect”. The current format of the project began in 2001. Echo Us would become a vehicle for Matthew’s forays into the world of metaphysics, as much as it was a continuation of his musical and creative world that had begun a decade earlier.

Matthew’s calls his unique approach to composition “musical channeling”. Echo Us music is often written in trance states with automatic writing as the primary technique for capturing the material. ‘Spiritualist’ phenomena has at times completely surrounded the recording process, with 2012’s Tomorrow Will Tell The Story being the most lucid example. Tomorrow Will Tell The Story won an Independent Music Award and 2014’s II:XII, A Priori Memoriae completed a three-album trilogy describing consciousness raising itself through three concurrent levels. Echo Us music is both about pattern recognition and intuition, and features few stylistic boundaries.

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