“Eye in the Sky” Review by Miv

By Miv Evans

This is a story of war at its most chilling; its most humane; its most deadly and its most compelling. Every decision that the characters make can be challenged with a “But if you do that…….” Once a decision is made, that too can be challenged with the same warning, and so on, until we realize there is no good answer.

Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren) is a Colonel in the British military and has been commissioned to locate and capture an English woman who has joined the Al-Shabaab terrorist group. She’s spotted in Nairobi and followed to a local village where she joins four high-profile Somali terrorists. Within minutes of the terrorists being identified, a missile assault is planned which involves four continents, a Las Vegas drone pilot, Kenyan Special Forces, and a plethora of politicians.

There are many intriguing aspects to this film, but perhaps the most powerful is the fact that it’s the points of view of the characters that drive the story to its tumultuous end. To add to this, the options are laid out so clearly that the audience is drawn into the same conflict as the people they’re watching, where compelling truths are dropping like bombs. The writer challenges us all to decide what we would do if we were in his characters’ shoes. Writing doesn’t get any better than that.

Every actor inhabits their role with conviction and, although no funny lines are uttered, there are moments of wry humor that poke fun at inept politicians and high-ranking officers who don’t care how low they stoop to get what they want. The only less enjoyable moments are the excessive tears of the drone pilot. His actions give a voice to a child who the writer has made us love, and if he’d sat like a statue for the entire movie, he could be no less a hero.

At the very end, we are confronted with a visual that silently screams “Look what you did”, to which the only reply could be “But what if I hadn’t?” And as we leave the cinema, we will be only too aware that the only good thing that will ever come from terrorism is this film.


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