Fresh-Heated Air at Wine Mountains in Pinetop, Arizona

The quality of the air you breathe is the highest priority in today’s world and Wine Mountains in Pinetop, Arizona has created a method to keep their Cliental and Staff in a safe environment.

Wine Mountains now pumps in fresh outside air, heats it and then distributes it throughout their venue, exhaling through a large open garage door to a heated patio and back to Mother Nature. 

Winter months means doors are shut and recycled heated air is a common practice among businesses. Most commercial buildings heating and air conditioning systems are designed to exclusively recycle interior air. However, Wine Mountains new method keeps the fresh air moving from the outside.

“We met with our Mechanical Specialist to create a fresh air intake, heat it and safely flow it through our restaurant with a clean exit out the garage door though our patio” says Jay Zucker, Wine Mountains, co-owner, with wife Debra Zucker.  

Wine Mountains recently opened May 2020 during the pandemic.  Social distancing, reducing occupancy and exceeding normal cleaning procedures worked well during the summer months; however the cold weather brings a new set of challenges in pursuit of a safe environment.

For more information please contact:

Jay Zucker

Wine Mountains 928-414-1188

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