Heartland International Film Festival 2018

Heartland International Film Festival (Oct. 11-21, 2018) showcases more than 200 independent films over 11 days of red carpet premieres and events, parties and hundreds of film screenings across Indianapolis.

Recently, the Heartland International Film Festival expanded to an all-new shorts fest, Indy Shorts International Film Festival (July 26-29, 2018), which has earned the special designation of being a qualifying festival for the Annual Academy Awards® within the Short Films category.

Each year, the Heartland International Film Festival and Indy Shorts awards more than $110,000 in cash prizes. Heartland Film has awarded $3.1 million to support indie filmmakers over the last 26 years. Beyond the Heartland International Film Festival,

Heartland Film honors theatrically-released films that align with its mission via the Truly Moving Picture Award, inspires the next generation of filmmakers via the Heartland Film Institute, and exhibits films across Indiana all year long via the Heartland Film Roadshow.

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