Homeless: Fact and Fiction Interview

By Jared Winslow

Homeless, a documentary-like film, shows the cycle those in poverty go through from day to day.

This cinéma vérité film is based on a true story, but it is not really a documentary; it is more of an example of one of the endless stories, many just like it, that have happened in the real world.

The filmmakers, Tif Hassler (producer) and Clay Hassler (director, cinematographer, co-writer), created the movie with the intention of spreading a message about homelessness.

They feel that if family/friends could create “a support system to a homeless person,” it would help. In fact, it just might “dramatically change the life of someone who finds themselves in a homeless situation.”

The main character Gosh (Josh), played by newcomer Michael McDowell, must overcome a cold and lonely life, and he must also let go of his father, who has a negative influence as a prison inmate.

I asked Clay and Tif Hassler a couple of questions about the film.

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