Ian Mellencamp Announces New Single / Farm Aid Performance

Ian Mellencamp, the multi-instrumentalist / singer / songwriter is back with new music following his early summer release, “Come Clean.” Just in time for his performance at this year’s Farm Aid, Mellencamp reveals the hypnotic “Invisible.”

Musically, “Invisible” is torn between the nostalgia of 80’s synth driven soundscapes and a modern drive to redefine that sound and create something new.
Mellencamp explains, “With accessibility to the world available at everyone’s finger tips via WiFi/the internet, it’s easy to think that we all have a voice that will reach the masses. On the contrary, with so many voices in the mix, and our expectation that our voice can and will be heard, we can become lost in the shuffle and experience what I’m calling invisibility. Only heightened by our increasing dependency and reliance on social media and technology, our feeling of self-worth is semi-dependent upon it. Isn’t it ironic that with the world becoming increasingly accessible and reachable, that we can start to feel more invisible? It was written at an existential low point for me. A period of struggling with the reality of the day in and day out, the monotony of living. Negotiating between the love of the freedom that comes with anonymity/invisibility and its ability to make life seem meaningless and arbitrary.

The track was written by Ian Mellencamp, Dimitri Ehrlich and Anthony Krizan In addition, it was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Mellencamp himself.

His most recent release, “Come Clean” shows Mellencamp venturing closer than ever before into the world of dance music, providing musical maelstrom for both club-goers and rock fans alike. Written, mixed, and produced by Mellencamp, he shares, “it is about utter transparency.” “It’s the story of a relationship that has reached a pivotal point: the couple could either self-destruct due to a dramatic event, or use the experience to discover more about each other and take the relationship to the next level.” Mellencamp shot, edited, and produced the video for “Come Clean” with Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, who is a singer, actress, and founder of the Jazmin fund.

Given Mellencamp’s impressive ability to combine elements of indie-rock, art pop, and electronica, it’s no wonder Celebrity Café proclaimed that the multi-instrumentalist “sets an example for anyone who wants to fuse rock into a new modern sound,” while the New York Times described his work as “stylistically ground-breaking.”

Ian Mellencamp is an experimental psych-rock troubadour who resides in Brooklyn, NY. He also lends his talents to the club kids, moonlighting as a DJ at various events and venues. He has graced many stages around the country including Highline Ballroom, The Viper Room, Farm Aid 2015, Farm Aid 2016, and many more. Ian’s unique experimental rock style has become a universal invitation to those he engages as they travel through electronic sounds and into unknown psychedelic realms. His live performances are a tasteful concoction of hypnotic accents blended with his exclusive vocals. However, his penchant for electronica allows him to transition into a new type of storytelling. Ian’s passion for exploring with various sounds surfaced in his adolescent years. His musical background is based on a self- taught steady diet of multiple instruments from string to brass. His self-produced debut EP, Visions, was released in 2013, and his sophomore EP, Free AF, was released in 2016. More recently, he released his single,”Come Clean” which was described as inventive, unique, and a testament to his versatility as an artist. He will continue to release more material into 2019.

In addition to his music, Ian has been featured by some of the top fashion brands and designers like Calvin Klein, Tom Ford (alongside Gigi Hadid), Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and in the pages of top publications like Vogue alongside Kendall Jenner, Asia Chow, Georgia May Jagger, and Garrett Borns as well as Harper’s Bazaar with Sky Ferreira, and more.

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