International Songwriting Competition Winners

The US-based International Songwriting Competition (ISC) has announced its 2017 winners

The Grand Prize winners this year are co-writers Nicholas Miller (better known as Illenium), Annika Wells, Kate Morgan, and Michael Biancaniello for the song “Crawl Outta Love Ft. Annika Wells.” The song, released on Illenium’s own label Kasaya Recordings in tandem with Seeking Blue Records, is universally relatable, conveying the pain and desperation of a relationship breaking apart and the difficulty of walking away.

In just a few short years, Denver native Illenium has quickly propelled himself to the forefront of the EDM scene, becoming one of the dance community’s most beloved artists. Known for writing songs that display beauty, complexity, and emotional depth, Illenium’s impeccable sound design has established him as one of the best producers in the game, and 2017 saw him exceed one billion streams.

Annika Wells is a young and talented singer/songwriter who is also the featured vocalist on the winning song. Her debut single “Break” has racked up over 9 million listens on Spotify. A prolific songwriter, Kate Morgan is also a singer who has been co-writing songs in LA and last year released her own single “Soul In Your Pocket.” Michael Biancaniello is an accomplished producer, songwriter, and guitarist who has worked on hit records for Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, 5 Seconds of Summer, and many more.



Mind The Gap

Adam Carl Stephens (Shetdogs) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Slow Mover

Angie McMahon (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Let Me Come In Ft. Liz Phair

Bryan M Master (Bryan Master) (Philadelphia, PA, USA)


Collegians (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

First Light

Dustin Tebbutt (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Say What You Want

Hugo Ludik, Daniel Baron (ADAM) (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Cup Of Water

Julia Sicone (Florianopolis, SC, Brazil)

The Coast

Matthew Hard, Andrew Hard (The Noble Impoverished) (Terryville, CT, USA)

True Lovers

Timothy Carroll, Oscar Dawson, Matt Redlich, Ryan Strathie (Holy Holy) (Sydney, VIC, Australia)

Call On Me

William Paul McDonald, Gabe Simon, Konrad Snyder (Paul McDonald) (Nashville, TN, USA)

Crystal Lion

Yannick Meyer (Native Young) (Cape Town, South Africa)



Conner Reeves, Mick Lister, Misreid (Conner Reeves) (London, England)

The Story Of Our Lives

Dave Merenda (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Sorry Charlie

Emily Shlesinger (Emeryld), Koko (Dallas, TX, USA)


Gail Vareilles, Brandon Zahursky, Matt Anthony (RIVVRS) (New York, NY, USA)

No One Compares

George Redwood (Benfleet, England)

Scary People

Georgina Kingsley (Georgi Kay) (Perth, WA, Australia)


Gus McMillan, Robyn Dell’Unto (Gus McMIllan) (Toronto, ON, Canada)

We Dream In Color

Shani Rose, Chelsea Davis (Roseport) (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Simon Finn (Brussels, Belgium)


Stephen Hughes (AUGUST) (London, England)

Worth It

Wes Mason (Rockwood, ON, Canada)


I Let You Down

Blake Christiana (Yarn) (Schenectady, NY, USA)

Needle Fall Down

Charles Wesley Godwin (Union Sound Treaty) (Morgantown, WV, USA)


Domenick Carino (Toms River, NJ, USA)

Slaughterhouse Blues

Gretta Ziller (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

21 And Rising

Lily Lyons, Kathleen Parks (Twisted Pine) (Eminence, KY, USA)

Some People

Matt Ellis (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Save Your Best For Me

Matt Jones, Ashlee K. Thomas (Matt Jones) (Tuscaloosa, AL, USA)

No Hard Feelings

Matt North (East Lansing, MI, USA)

Come Over Tonight

Matt Romagna (Clinton, NJ, USA)

Driving Me Mad

Shane Nicholson (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

Big As The Moon

Thom Chacon (Durango, CO, USA)

Mostly Love

Tim Gearan (Lowell, MA, USA)



Alan Boyle, Chris Harvey (Blues Arcadia) (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

Cradle To The Grave

Cary Morin (Great Falls, MT, USA)

Locked Out In Misery

Celso Salim, Douro Moura (Celso Salim Band) (Brasilia, DF, Brazil)


Dan Patlansky, Len Muller (Dan Patlansky) (Pretoria, South Africa)


Debra Power (Airdrie, AB, Canada)

I’m So Tired Of Living

Innes Sibun (Bath, England)

Charmed And Dangerous

Jeff Schroedl, Jeff Taylor (Altered Five Blues Band) (Waukesha, WI, USA)

Honey Bee

Shawn M. Strickland (The Dirty Mojo Blues Band) (Norfolk, VA, USA)

Move On Down The Track

Spencer Mackenzie, Rich Mackenzie (Spencer Mackenzie) (Ridgeway, ON, Canada)

That Don’t Appease Me

Thornetta Davis (Detroit, MI, USA)

Somethin’s Wrong

William Alan Desmond (Billy D And The Hoodoos) (Portland, OR, USA)



Amyliza de Jesus (Little Miss Ann And Amy D) (Nashville, TN, USA)


Dinah Desrochers, Aaron Cadwaladr, Phil Wipper, Jocelyn Hallett (The Kerplunks) (Gabriola Island, BC, Canada)


Dylan Bell, Ed Hanley, Suba Sankaran (Autorickshaw) (Toronto, ON, Canada)

The I Love You Song

Jennifer Paskow (Santa Monica, CA, USA)

Fran The Sheep

Jessica Ginsberg, Aaron Mirman-Heslin (Jess And Aaron) (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Firetruck Firetruck

John Donnelly (Rockin’ Robin And The Magical Tree) (Delta, BC, Canada)

Focus On ADD

Jon Samson (Jon Samson/CoCreative Music) (Brooklyn, NY, USA)


Kristy Coote, Clive Young (Kristy Coote) (Newcastle, NSW, Australia)

Boys Will Be Boys

Lalo Crane, Kyler England (Freckleland) (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

My Mommy Is A Mummy

Lucy Kalantari (Lucy Kalantari And The Jazz Cats) (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Today’s Your Day!

Mai Cocopelli (Regau, Austria)

I Don’t Think So You’re A Bully

Paul Reisler (Kid Pan Alley Ft. Heath Francis) (Washington, VA, USA)

Booger Song

Tim Machin (Sing Along Tim And The Pacifiers) (Toronto, ON, Canada)


Beautiful Thing

Aaron Buchholz, Ian Eskelin (Aaron Buchholz) (Langley, BC, Canada)

No Rivals

Alyce Metallo (Washington, D.C., USA)

Psalm 13

Chad Dohring (Detroit, MI, USA)

Carry Me

Christopher Mustica (Lostsong Project) (Cobram, VIC, Australia)

Love Is Here

Dave Pettigrew (Ridgewood, NJ, USA)

Worthy Ft. Brad Sabat

Emma Mullings, Terrence Mullings, Brad Sabat (Emma Mullings) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Lay It Down

Jordan St. Cyr, Jaylene Johnson, Ben Calhoun, Taylor Watson (Jordan St. Cyr) (Niverville, MB, Canada)

Greater Ft. Dru Bex

Katelyn Carlene O’Doherty, Dennis Dunkley (Katie Carlene) (Newberg, OR, USA)


Laura Respondek (Adelaide) (Jackson, MO, USA)

You Are Strong

Matt Littlejohn (Matt Littlejohn Band) (Clanton, AL, USA)

So Alive

Michael Morehead (Circa 71) (Benton, AR, USA)

Through My Veins

Troy Kaszas (Enterprise, AL, USA)

Something Greater

Zach Welliver (McDonough, GA, USA)


Kayak Asshole

Christopher Dean Elliott (Portsmouth, NH, USA)

The Pee Song

Jason Gleed (Redd Butts) (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Joe Colliton’s Lunch

Jim Colliton (Boston, MA, USA)

Happily Married

Joey White (Upper Arlington, OH, USA)


John Forster (New York, NY, USA)

Mountain GRRL

Judy Tenuta (Mountain GRRRL) (Sherman Oaks, CA, USA)

Fuck Everything

Kai Smythe (Hairy Soul Man) (Tamborine Mountain, QLD, Australia)

My Wife

Matt Griffo (Chicago, IL, USA)

The Milky Stuff

Paul Murray (Dun The Veil) (London, England)


Rob Hershey (Rob On The Cob) (Wheeling, WV, USA)

My Dog Never Multi-Tasks

Steve Goodie, Carla Ulbrich (Steve Goodie) (Nashville, TN, USA)

A Flat Miner

Troy Kokol (Calgary, AB, Canada)


Just Another Heartache

Beth Beighey (Detroit, MI, USA)


Bryson Phillips, Neil Endicott, Zac Maloy (The I44’s) (Sand Springs, OK, USA)

The Way We Ride

Casey Barnes, Michael Paynter, Michael Delorenzis (Casey Barnes) (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia)

My Mississippi

Gordon Stransky, Cedric Israel (Gordon Stransky And Cedric Israel) (New York, NY, USA)


James Barker, Donovan Woods, Travis Wood, Gavin Slate (James Barker Band) (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Drunk On A Beach

Keirsten Hedden, Karleen Watt (Keirsten Hedden) (Fernandina Beach, FL, USA)

That Guy

Mark Buc Williams (Adam Cunningham) (Lockport, NY, USA)

Without You

Mary Sarah (Franklin, TN, USA)


Melissa Hogan, Mark Irwin (Stephen Garrett) (Thompson’s Station, TN, USA)

Good Thing Go

Powell Peebles, Brett Sheroky, Andy Wills (Powell Peebles) (North Vancouver, BC, Canada)


Tedd Swormstedt, Alissa Moreno, Linda Moroziuk (Southern Charm) (Cincinnati, OH, USA)



Andrea Cal y Mayor, Alejandro Gallardo (Andrea Caly) (Mexico City, Mexico)


Dean William Palya, Jr. (PALA) (Chicago, IL, USA)

Mornin Light – Makrobeat Ft. Oliva

djtra (Bogota, Colombia)

Freerunner Ft. Jerusha

Everen Maxwell (San Diego, CA, USA)


James Saaib, Enya G Angel (JaySounds Ft. Enya Angel) (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia)

Why Won’t You Hold Me?

Lara Christina Snowdon, Roger John Styles (L A R S) (Exeter, Devon, England)

From The New World

Leon Hsu, Austin Yen (Leon Hsu And Austin Yen) (Taichung, Taiwan)

Dynamite Love

Michelle P. Miller, Timothy Long II (Mia Rio) (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Cabin Fever

Nate Chronik (Cardiff, Wales)

Bleed Sunlight

Shane Burgess, D-Lake (Shane Burgess) (Goulburn, NSW, Australia)

Ask Too Much Ft. Spence Holden

Spencer Heaslip, Spence Milne-O’Neil (Taabu) (Dundas, ON, Canada)



Ariana Gillis (Vineland, ON, Canada)

Going To The Dogs

Carter Vail (Wilton, CT, USA)

Beach Fires

Carus Thompson, Joel Quartermain (Carus Thompson) (Fremantle, WA, Australia)

You Say

Erick Macek, Kate Earl (Erick Macek) (Bethlehem, PA, USA)

Faith & Wine

Flavio Cristovam, Timothy Flores, Tammy Weis (Cristovam) (Angra do Heroismo, Azores, Portugal)

Songs Of Summer

Helen Croome, Steve Parkin (Gossling) (Perth, WA, Australia)


Ira Wolf (Nashville, TN, USA)

Love (Ain’t Always So Good)

Isaac Gracie (London, England)

To The Stars

Jeremy Dunham, Kerrine Gifford (Sweet Sweet) (Myrtle Beach, SC, USA)

Baby, I Understand

Kat Goldman (Toronto, ON, Canada)

I Love You More

Kevin Fisher (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Nicholas Jordaan (Rubber Duc) (Johannesburg, South Africa)

All I Know

Shane Nicholson (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)



Cielo Pordomingo (Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina)

Koropokkur Suite

Eishin Nose (Eishin) (Otaru, Japan)

Airship Duel

Enrique Ponce (El Paso, TX, USA)


Genevieve Salamone (The One-Woman Symphony) (Des Moines, IA, USA)


Hye-Jeung Kang (Seoul, South Korea)

Hero Of Heroes

James Goodlett (West Des Moines, IA, USA)


Leon Hsu (Taichung, Taiwan)


Matt Zimbel, Doug Wilde (Manteca) (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Captain Miggy’s Age Of Discovery

Migiwa Miyajima (Migiwa Miyajima’s Miggy Augmented Jazz Orchestra) (Hitachi, Ibaraki, Japan)

Blue Curacao

Paolo Fosso (Armonite) (Pavia, Italy)

Ciento Viente

Roman Smirnov (Newmarket, ON, Canada)

Celtic Adventure

Ross Casey (Duarte, CA, USA)

Waltz A La Bra

Veren Grigorov, Rob Shannon, Tom Wade, Calvin Welch (Arabesk) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)


J-HO, From The Block

Adam Waldmann (Kairos 4Tet) (London, England)

Africa Suite

Andy Atwill, Greg Heath (Andy Atwill) (Gisborne, GI, New Zealand)

Word Games

Bruce Gertz (Bruce Gertz Group) (Melrose, MA, USA)

Sanctuary City

Cat Toren (Cat Toren’s HUMAN KIND) (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Step Right Up!

David Laborier (Luxembourg)

Moon Longing Sun

EIshin Nose (Otaru, Japan)

Harlem Hoedown

Jason Yeager (Jason Yeager And Jason Anick) (Framingham, MA, USA)

The Great Journey

Jonathan Saraga (New York, NY, USA)


Mamiko Watanabe (Fukuoka, Japan)

Algebra Of Chaos

Martino Vercesi (Milan, MI, Italy)


Pete Levin (Boston, MA, USA)


Slawek Dudar (Slawek Dudar Quartet) (Poland)

Probing Steps

Thomas Winther Andersen (Winther-Storm) (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


Towa Kitagawa (Yokohama, Japan)


Bajo El Mismo Sol

Alejandro Melo Najera (Amuleto) (Tamaulipas, Mexico)

Muero Adentro

Calixto Gabriel Bravo, Daniel Pavet (Xcelencia) (Kissimmee, FL, USA)


Christopher Alexander Gaitan Valencia (Ness El Digital) (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Dame Un Beso

Fabrizio Edgardo Vasquez Zegarra (Favz) (Arequipa, Peru)

Y La Vida Sigue

Helena Priscilla Carrion-Peredo, Hilda Leticia Carrion, Jorge Carrion (Priscilla) (Tijuana, Mexico)

Ayer Yo La Vi

Jimmy Palacios, Alfredo Figueroa (J Palacios) (Elmont, NY, USA)

Jugando al Azar Ft. Dantes

Jose Rios, Marcos Obed Echevarria (ArJay) (Humacao, Puerto Rico)

Fuego Colombiano

Marcus Hernandez, Pedro Jesus (Orchestra Fuego) (Land O Lakes, FL, USA)

Un Par De Atrevidos

Milton Ferrin, Tito Daniel (Derick Dos Santos) (Mastic, NY, USA)


P La Cangri, Raudy Melendez, Juan Alfonso Abreu (P La Cangri) (New York, NY, USA)

I Wanna Dance

Paola Rodriguez (Bayamon, Puerto Rico)


Richard Maranon (Torrance, CA, USA)

Todo Pasara

Tyna Ros (Cordoba, Mexico)


Yira, Jose Gomez (Yira) (San Juan, Puerto Rico)


Please Don’t

Bryan Tess (Tralee, Kerry, Ireland)


Cashavelly Morrison, Ryan MacLeod (Cashavelly Morrison) (Winston-Salem, NC, USA)

Beginner’s Luck

Cody Landress-Gibson (Fairmount, GA, USA)

Have You Built Yourself Well

Cormac O Caoimh (Cork, Ireland)

The Signs

John Walsh (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Chain-Smoking Pain

Lindsey Vanlandingham (Gulf Breeze, FL, USA)

Rose Colored Lover

Lindsey Vanlandingham (Gulf Breeze, FL, USA)

In My Head

Marge-Marit Pass (colourFUEL) (Tallinn, Estonia)

When It Rains I Pour

Matthew Soileau (Spring, TX, USA)

Never Be Right

Mwayi Angel Kapeleta (Angel K) (Lilongwe, Malawi)


Paula Eve Kirman (Edmonton, AB, Canada)


Bad For Me

Chris Lanzon, JP Fung, Demi Louise, Hannah Robinson (In Stereo) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)


Dean Lewis, Nick Atkinson, Edd Holloway (Dean Lewis) (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

Light Up

Fletcher Gull (Wollongong, NSW, Australia)

In Love Again

Jael Malli, Eliot James, James Walsh (Jael) (Bern, Switzerland)

Revolution Of The Heart

Jonathan Jackson (Enation) (Nashville, TN, USA)

Hold On

Laime Pilniga (Riga, Latvia)


Lee Hawkins (New York, NY, USA)

No Place For Lovers

Martin Zeppelin (Astronaut) (Aarhus, Denmark)


Pintus, Fais, Gueye (Barrio Sud) (Sassari, Italy)


Rob Drabkin (Denver, CO, USA)

I Believe Everything Gonna Be Alright

Thornetta Davis, Brett Lucas, Phillip Hale (Thornetta Davis) (Detroit, MI, USA)


Vince Leigh, James Leigh, Jerry Leigh, Glenn Patrick (Collegians) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)


When You Think No One Loves You

David Leask, Daryl Burgess (David Leask) (Mississauga, ON, Canada)

Starting Today

Jessica Childress (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Drinking By Myself

JoAnna Lee (Portland, OR, USA)

The Day That I Was Killed

Kalon Rae, Sue McMillan, Serge Sainte Rose (Kalon Rae) (London, England)

Bring My Baby Back To Me

Lola Toben (Lola) (St. Louis, MO, USA)

I Don’t Want To Lose You

Luca Fogale (Burnaby, BC, Canada)

Blue Curacao

Paolo Fosso (Armonite) (Pavia, Italy)

Why Can’t We Carry Each Other

Shelly Fairchild (Nashville, TN, USA)

He Loves Me

Tallia Storm, Tessa Hartmann, Alex Mann (Tallia Storm) (London, England)

Love It Up

Tyler Lorette, Roberta Quilico (Tyler Lorette) (Courtice, ON, Canada)



Adrielle Bow Belle (New York, NY, USA)

You And I

Ben Crawford, Zac Crawford (Crawford Brothers) (Hinton, NSW, Australia)

Bad For Me

Chris Lanzon, JP Fung, Demi Louise, Hannah Robinson (In Stereo) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Sleep On It

Emi Green, David Dawood (Emmi) (Devon, England)

My Heart’s Grave

Faouzia Ouihya (Faouzia) (Carman, MB, Canada)

Abbot Kinney

Jake Bosci, Jean Paul Fung (Jake Bosci) (Tannum Sands, QLD, Australia)

Ticking Hearts And Butterflies

Laura Locmele (Laura Lo) (Riga, Latvia)

Don’t Give Up

Maggie Szabo, Stefan Lit, Chaz Mason (Maggie Szabo) (Dundas, ON, Canada)

Hard As Diamonds

Michael Delorenzis, Michael Paynter, Danielle Smarrelli (NUSSY) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Love Takes Time

Nick de la Hoyde, Joseph de la Hoyde (Nick de la Hoyde) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Kill It Off

Oritse Williams, Nait Masuka, Nathaniel Ledwidge, Tekiva Ledwidge (Oritse) (East Croydon, England)

I Need Your Love

Romeo Dediu (Holograf) (Bucharest, Romania)


My Zone

Christian Gilbert (King Chris) (Port au Prince, Haiti)


Des Brennan (Pearl River, NY, USA)

Focus (Blossom)

Jesse Batten (Ranen) (North Hollywood, CA, USA)

Money Mitch

Jimmy Brown Jr (Rosewood Renegade) (Round Rock, TX, USA)

Mun Mun

Nicola Wood (Cherry), Toni Lozanovski (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)


Nikko London, Issac James Williams (Nikko London) (Brooklyn, NY, USA)


Oritse Williams, Dem Jointz (Oritse) (East Croydon, England)


Rashad Leamount Davis (Keeya) (Nassau, Bahamas)


Sacha van Beek, Percy Samidjono (Sacha Vee) (Christchurch, CT, New Zealand)


Soul (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Break It

Tallia Storm, Alex Mann (Tallia Storm) (Glasgow, Scotland)


Talya La Lia (Barcelona, Spain)


No One Can Suffer Like I Can

Chelsey L Richard, Robert Ciuca-Farcasanu, Matthew Foos, Benjamin Foos (Fairy Bones) (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

Death Of The Hummingbird

Cody Varga (The Wistful Larks) (Fox River Grove, IL, USA)


Collegians (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

House On Fire

Don Oriolo, Jason Gleed, Chris Bolger (Don Oriolo) (Toronto, ON, Canada)

See Ya Round

Frank Edwards (The Solarwaves) (Manchester, England)

Not Afraid To Die

M. Murphy, D. Wong, J. Wong, B. Borhani, K. Woodhams (Written By Wolves) (Auckland, AK, New Zealand)

In Place Of Something

Martin Schofield, Cito (WONDERboom) (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Cold Hard Sharp Dark

Megan Slankard (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Time To See

Otabek Salamov (NEEDSHES) (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

War Call

Tayna Ferreira Frota, Lucas Rodgirues Faria, Rodrigo Ferreira Lobo Barbosa Neves, Luis Filpe Vianna Mancu (Fleeting Circus) (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


The Textiles (USA)

Drop Dead, Gorgeous

Tucker Jameson, Christopher Eugene Konte, Clayton Lillard, Matthew Shearon, Henry Schuler, Samuel Hunter Thompson (Sharks In The Deep End) (Weston, CT, USA)


Fall In Love Again

Chris Graham, Mikalyn Hay (Xtro And Mikalyn Hay) (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Good Enough

Chris Lanzon (In Stereo) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

My Heart’s Grave

Faouzia Ouihya (Faouzia) (Carman, MB, Canada)

Too Far

Grace Schweizer (Maitland, FL, USA)

Intact Veins

Lexy Weaver (Minsk, Belarus)

UR Dumb

Nick Brodeur (Little Silver, NJ, USA)

This Is For You

Nino Long$ox (Tampa, FL, USA)

I Am The Sun

Oriana Cognata, Milo Sposato, Julian Sposato (SpoBro) (Malibu, CA, USA)

Gamblin Man

Richard Tichelman (Surrey, BC, Canada)


Rory Adams (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

What’s A Boy Gotta Do

Sean Thomas (Langley, BC, Canada)

The Battle Inside (Fight)

Tyller Fischer (Vermont, VIC, Australia)

Save This World

Violeta Bozanic (Sydney, NSW, Australia)



Alex Marie Brinkley, Chas Tackett (Alex Marie Brinkley) (Fort Worth, TX, USA)

Beach Fires

Carus Thompson, Joel Quartermain (Carus Thompson) (Fremantle, WA, Australia)

Walk In The Light

Drew Greenway (Henderson, TN, USA)

Remember June

Fabien Mettay (Mod Martin) (Perpignan, France)


Gerry Cinnamon (Glasgow, Scotland)

Crazy But True

Gordon Stransky, Cedric Israel (Gordon Stransky And Cedric Israel) (New York, NY, USA)

This Little Light

Jaylene Johnson (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

Three Words

Sara Diamond, Austin Tecks, Noah Barer (Sara Diamond) (Montreal, QC, Canada)



Adrielle Bow Belle (San Diego, CA, USA)

Not Worth Hiding

Alexandra Lynn (Alex The Astronaut) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Peace Patrol

Amy Tjasink (Cape Town, South Africa)


Annie Woodward (Stockholm, Sweden)

The Comedown

B J Donegal, N P Blom, A O Goodwin, L Galbraith, M Galbraith, T P O’Brien (Ocean Alley) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)


Collegians (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)


Dylan Edward Roberts (King Dylan) (Calgary, AB, Canada)

Skinny Roads

Emma Mullings, Nathan Eshman, Kylie Beach (Emma Mullings) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Knock On My Door

Faouzia Ouihya (Faouzia) (Carman, MB, Canada)

Light Up

Fletcher Gull (Wollongong, NSW, Australia)


Sara Diamond, Austin Tecks, Noah Barer (Sara Diamond) (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Break It

Tallia Storm, Alex Mann (Tallia Storm) (Glasgow, Scotland)


Sing For Kwanzaa

Chris McKhool, Richard Bona (Sultans Of String) (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Dzouna (Stay Calm)

Christ Batola M’badi (Kitio And The Kongomen) (Brazzaville, Congo)

7 Sambo

Christ Batola M’badi (Kitio And The Kongomen) (Brazzaville, Congo)

Rasta Cool

Golty Farabeau (Victoria, Seychelles)

Absans Ou

Henry Robert Junior Raymond, Olivier Jimmy (Rayy Raymond) (Petion-Ville, Ouest, Haiti)


Jean Pierre Nimbona (Kidum Kibido And BodaBoda) (Bujumbura, Burundi)


Mamak Khadem (Santa Monica, CA, USA)

Georgian Sun

Mikheil Rusishvili, Sevda Badirkhanova (Sevda Badirkhanova) (Tbilisi, Georgia)


Neval Turhalli, Yusuf Turhalli, Yuri Ryadchenko (Neval) (Istanbul, Turkey)


Opetaia Foa’i, Matatia Foai (Te Vaka) (New Zealand, AK, New Zealand)


Richard Gannaway, Miriam Stockley (Richard Gannaway) (Asheville, NC, USA)

Nyansapo: The Wisdom Knot

Steven Chesne (Pacific Palisades, CA, USA)

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