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Is Jennifer Aniston Ready to Join ‘White Lotus’ and Avenge Jennifer Coolidge’s Death?

 Jennifer Aniston stunned at the “Murder Mystery 2” premiere in L.A. Tuesday, wearing a silver minidress by Versace.

“Extra’s” Melvin Robert caught up with the star, who opened up about her friendship with co-star Adam, and whether they would ever remake a certain popular ‘70s sitcom.

Melvin also asked Aniston about wanting to join “The White Lotus” Season 3 to avenge the death of Jennifer Coolidge’s character last season!

Chatting about Sandler, Melvin pointed out that Aniston often says their relationship is like siblings, asking who would be the oldest?

Aniston revealed, “Adam. And yet the youngest at the same time. It’s hard to tell.”

Robert added, “I understand you were a mobile pharmacy on the set, taking care of him, making him smoothies. What kind of smoothies were you making him?”

She explained, “Usually Vital Proteins powder, spinach, berries, cacao, couple almonds, a lot of ingredients.”

Jen is looking good at 54, and Melvin asked if Chinese herbs are the secret to her youthful look.

She said, “I don’t know if that’s the secret, but I do love having an arsenal… If you’re getting run down, I’m here at your service.”

“The Morning Show” star is a huge fan of another star, Jennifer Coolidge, and her show, “The White Lotus,” and has even talked about avenging her character’s death.

Is there any chance Aniston would join “The White Lotus”? She said, “I would love to… How do you stop watching and loving Jennifer Coolidge? She’s a gift to all of us.”

She added, “She was on ‘Friends’ way back in the day… We’ve loved her a long time.”

And we love Jen and Adam together and Adam with his other frequent collaborator Drew Barrymore… so could we see the three of them work together?

Mel asked about Drew, Jen and Adam remaking “Three’s Company,” adding, “Suzanne Somers says she’d love for you to play Chrissy.”

Jen asked, “She would?” adding, “Well, if Suzanne says it, come on, gotta do what Suzanne says.”

“Murder Mystery 2” premieres March 31 on Netflix.

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