Jump Through The Dark Side Of Drum & Bass With The Sacrifice EP

Hailing from Tokyo, 3×6 is a master of darkstep and neurofunk. With tracks designed to make listeners jump to the dark side of Drum & Bass, 3×6 creates music with a cyberpunk edge. There is certainly an aggressive energy that comes with the Sacrifice EP. The sounds here encompass cinematic moments full of atmosphere as well as hard-hitting basslines and breaks making each song a journey through the shadows.


The first track on the EP, ‘Dauntless’ is the perfect way to begin this journey. Its beginning is ominous and ambiguous, setting the stage for something grand. Then suddenly, almost out of nowhere, the song gets going with great intensity. The distorted lead is surely one to stick with audiences. Full of energy, melodies and fantastic sound design, ‘Dauntless’ sets the stage flawlessly.

‘Tendon’, the EP’s second track, continues with the ominous presence. There is an eerie voice haunting the quieter moments, giving a sense of dread and darkness. Soon after the hostile bassline and synths break in, shattering the quiet into pieces. The brutal reese bass combined with the staggering rhythm creates a sense of trepidation, followed by a gothic and evocative choir that intensifies the sense of mystery and darkness. This track is certainly very delicious.


This entire journey builds up to the grand finale, the title track, ‘Sacrifice’. Unlike the previous two songs, this track is ready to run from the beginning, as a high hat stays constant from the very first second, accompanied by a lingering bass and a terrifying voice sample that can send chills down your spine. Once the beats jump in, the song delivers. The sound design in here is truly spotless. Everything fits in just right in total harmony, all as the main melody gives a sense of gloom with its industrial formula. It’s clear this track knows exactly what it’s doing and it is unapologetic. The peak of darkness lies within these sounds.

It is obvious that 3×6 is has a distinct sound to his music. As an expert of darkstep, he knows what it takes to take listeners down the path of darkness and back. The ambience, the aggressive sounds, and haunting vocals in the ‘Sacrifice’ EP are a testament to his unique persona.


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