“The Kabbalah’s Secret Circle”

A new book on the Ancient Kabbalah and the Book of Formation (Sefer Yetzirah) called “The Kabbalah’s Secret Circle” has been published by author Robert Zucker and is available in paperback and Kindle.

This comprehensive study in the history, legends and concepts of the Qabalah and Sefer Yetzirah also known as the Book of Creation (Book of Formation) provides a Time Line and insights into Jewish Mysticism and perspectives on the commentaries of the magical Book of Creation.

The Sefer Yetzirah, known as the Book of Formation, or The Book of Creation, is one of the oldest preserved manuscripts on Judaic Kabbalah– possibly more than two thousand years old. Chapter 2 of Sefer Yetzirah provides the instructions to create a device that deciphers the mysteries of the letter combinations– the Kabbalah Wheel.

The Kabbalah Wheel is a simple, home-made device that can be used to rotate the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet by Gates. Discover more of the secrets of the Angel Raziel and his role in the development of Judaic magic.

Read sample chapters and download a free PDF sample from “The Kabbalah’s Secret Circles” by Robert E. Zucker, publisher of The Entertainment Magazine.

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