Opening the Kabbalah Circle

This page is from the new book by Robert Zucker, “Kabbalah’s Secret Circles,” available on Download a free PDF sample of the book.

Introduction to Kabbalah’s Secret Circles

Jewish mysticism often sparks the imagination with scenes of nefarious rituals and Medieval incantations. What once was a spiritual and deeply religious experience become distorted through generations of wives-tales, books, movies, television, and history.

There are many legends about biblical figures and famous rabbis with superhuman talents who could explore the hidden realms of the Heavens, conjure angels, and enliven artificial creatures. They claimed to possess a secret and sacred knowledge to manipulate nature and human consciousness.

For centuries, this knowledge was verbally shared among small circles of followers who studied the metaphysical 2 aspects of the TORAH and related religious literature. Over time, many of these ancient Jewish oral teachings (mishna) and traditions (aggadah) were put into writing and became known collectively as the Kabbalah.

Rather than rehash the fundamentals of Kabbalah, this volume explores the development and practices of Jewish mysticism from history’s most prominent religious leaders, including a comprehensive historical survey of the infamous BOOK OF FORMATION (SEPHER YETZIRAH).

For someone who is unfamiliar with the Kabbalah, this volume presents an insight into a hidden side of Jewish culture. A person with knowledge of those practices will be able to optimize this information and further their path to enlightenment.

This book is actually three books in one. The first part covers more than 5,000 years of Jewish mysticism. Discover how these age-old traditions began and how to utilize some of the techniques once kept hidden from the public for millennium. Many of these principles are divulged in the words of famous Jewish authorities who shared their understanding of the cryptic, esoteric messages in Judaic literature. Based on their discussions, an ancient device has been uncovered– the Kabbalah Wheel.

The second section presents the first two chapters from SEPHER YETZIRAH (also known as the BOOK OF CREATION)– the book that greatly influenced Jewish mystical thought over the centuries.

The highlight of this volume are the instructions to assemble an ingenious, homemade, device I call the Kabbalah Wheel. This unique gadget is revealed for the first time in eight centuries to decode the mysteries of the 231 Gates described in the first two chapters of the SEPHER YETZIRAH and the historical survey provided here.

Included in this volume are copies of my some of my personal notes, art work and charts used over the past four decades to map this path across time. For further study, there are more than 700 footnotes that reference books and articles used in this research.

While these pages cannot cover the entire spectrum of Jewish mysticism, enough information is presented to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the Kabbalah.

This page is from the new book by Robert Zucker, “Kabbalah’s Secret Circles,” available on Download a free PDF sample of the book.

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