PARKER alt-pop entitled “High”

UK via Australia moody pop chanteuse PARKER returns with her first offering of 2018, an ethereal alt-pop earworm entitled “High” (Killing Moon). Pairing up once again with Rupert Lyddon (Gabriel Bruce, Grand National) the track is a gorgeous display of PARKER at her finest; breathy and broody pop vocals, haunting melodies and deeply personal lyrics that mix together to create another dark pop gem.



When discussing the inspiration for the track, PARKER says, “I wrote ‘High’ a few years ago, when I’d first moved to London and recorded it with Rupert (Lyddon) in his studio. The song came out of a general teen angst phase, I was going out a lot and having my ‘is this all there is’ moment. I’m fascinated by people’s need for escapism (including my own) and I guess the song is about the juxtaposition of being young and having all these big dreams but then being scared, so I’d just run away from them instead.”

The new single follows 2017’s “Runs And Rides” and “Thighs”, her breakout track that has already racked up over 250K streams on Spotify and landed her a synch on MTV’s Catfish. Hailed by Breaking More Waves as “midnight menacing electronic pop music” with HillyDilly adding “expect a bright future for her”, the 21-year-old musician songstress is one to keep your eyes on for 2018.

Born in Doncaster, brought up in Australia, and now living in Hackney, PARKER has had anything but a conventional life. Saying her goodbyes to her family in Australia and buying a one way ticket to England to focus on her music career, she hasn’t looked back since. Spending much of last year writing and recording new material and now with four incredible songs under her belt, PARKER remains one of the most exciting new artists to emerge in recent years, ready to show the world what this Aussie is made of.

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