Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 Wrap Up

Photos by Carolyn and James Barnett

PHZ Comic Fest 18

This was our eighth visit to this Nerd’s Paradise.

Every time feels like coming home.

Every one we saw was having fun.
Even the people working at the Fest seemed in a good mood.

What all of them did was enable tens of thousands of people to forget their mundane lives and enjoy themselves for a few days.

It’s going to take time to adjust to this new paradigm we are living now.

Metal detectors, baggage searching at events and much more.
Thing is, they got everyone through quickly and politely.

The Pride Group should be.
They’re excellent.

From registering our wristbands
to helpfully getting us through security screening.

We can see the utility
of the wristbands.
But we loved the badges.
Much more nifty to collect!

The security screening was painless yet thorough.

There are times in life you always remember back to.

With us, It happened at PHX Comic Con last year.
Thursday was perfect.
It was coming home again.
There are many who prefer to live in the cons and exist in the outside world.

Suddenly it ended.
The wonderful day was shattered when we went to relax in our room and watch the news.

Someone was attempting to murder many of us?

Someone had invaded our home!

De nile is not just a river in Egypt.

We knew it would forever change every thing at the Convention.

PHX PD was amazing.
There was no disturbance to to the Con.
Most of us didn’t know anything had happened until later on the news.
That was very smooth.
Thanks for a fine last day.

Obvious to everyone who attended,
Friday was insane.

In just a matter of hours PHX Comic con staff and the authorities put together
a multi layer safety corridor channeling thousands of people into the con.
It wasn’t perfect,
but it was textbook.

Many have said they were over reacting.
They had to.
They had no idea if the wannabe killer had some friends.
Or maybe some other
nutter saw it on tv and decided to join in on the ‘fun’.

Fast forward to this year.

Good thing they let light sabers back in.
That was getting kind of weird.

The thing now is to adjust to this new paradigm.

To re-create our home, so it’s a still a fun place to live in.

It’s a tough job,
but somebody’s got to do it!

James and Carolyn Barnett
[email protected]

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