Stardust & Moonbeams

Ladies, wouldn’t you love to . . . Grab the Camera. Change the View Enjoy the View. Finally . . . a Smart, Fun, Sexy Movie By Women, For Women – and the Men Who Love Them

We’re women, we’re filmmakers, and we love men. We want to advance women’s sexual empowerment and turn the erotic gaze on men, for our entertainment. We’re talking heterosexual politics, because if the woman is behind the camera and the man is in front of it, sparks will fly . . . everywhere.

In Stardust & Moonbeams, Will gets more than he bargains for when he asks Beth to pose for him. Beth knows she’s on to something when she asks Will to pose for her. These are the modern times of 1928—and she’s a feminist, after all.
Help Us Make Stardust & Moonbeams. Be Part of Something Special. Be a Spark for Change

Did you know that only 6% of the top 250 Hollywood films in 2013 were directed by women? Just 10% were written by women, and a teeny tiny 3% had female cinematographers. Did you know that 1/3 of women in Hollywood films are sexualized with clothing or nudity, compared to 8% of men?

So let’s . . .Shoot for the Moon – Swing on a Star – Fund a Fabulous Film

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