SteamPunk 2019

Steampunk started as a subgenre of science fiction fascinated with steam-powered machinery and alternative histories frequently set in Victorian England. VINTAGE TOMORROWS examines steampunk’s transformation from those sci-fi beginnings into a global cultural movement that influences art, fashion, design and music.

Through in-depth interviews with the writers and artists who galvanized the movement, VINTAGE TOMORROWS asks what steampunk can tell us about history, community and our complicated relationship with technology. The movie features interviews with steampunk’s pioneering voices, including writers William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Cory Doctorow, China Mieville, Cherie Priest, Gail Carriger; graphic novelists Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett, musicians Abney Park and Erica “Unwoman” Mulkey, artist/maker Shannon O’Hare and the Neverwas Haul crew, and many more.

Official Selection at Sundance Film Festival, SXSW Festival, and Tribeca FIlm Festival.

We did great. We averaged over 2 mi each for the 3 days.

{ The people are terrific.
If you ask them “What is steampunk?”
You will get a different answer from every one.
It encompasses a huge universe involving elaborate costumes and objects.
Basically, it involves becoming someone you would like to be in a universe of your own making.
While they interact, everyone pretty much does their own thing.
Like other genres, it’s about escaping reality for one of your own choosing.
Those involved are usually some of the sanest and smartest people you meet.
Cos-play (costume play) is an outlet for their creativity. }

Steam Punk 2019 at Old Tucson photos by Carolyn and James Barnett

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