Tucson Comic-Con 2017 Wrap Up

Attending a three day long party with thousands of our new best friends. It’s the last few minutes of the last day of the Tucson Comic-Con held on November 3-5, 2017. Many people are milling around, trying to hold on to the experience. I know we are! Everywhere we look we see happy people. Buying, selling new treasures. It is a wonderful feeling being around people making money, maybe even making a living doing what they love. Or at least wanting to. Dreams are important.

All the dealers we talked to said they did well, and are looking forward to next year. Same with the attendees. Stepping into a new persona. Being different than you are, how you want to be. For many of us, comic and sci-fy conventions are our reality. The world outside is what we deal with until we can come back “home”.

Learning about things you didn’t know existed,
that are suddenly very important to you.
It’s a wonderful life!

James and Carolyn Barnett

From the 2017 Tucson Comic-Con

Carolyn makes a new fried at the Tucson Comic-Con.

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