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Santa Barbara, California Beach Photos

Santa Barbara boasts of nearly 300 sunshine days a year. The beach, east and west of State Street and Stern's Wharf, is a public stretch of sand popular among the area's residents and a destination for visitors.

Looking towards down the shared walkway at the beach (right) and Cabrillo Blvd. (left). Notice the dot just above the horizon- that's a hang glider (see next).

Hang gliding is a popular sport in Santa Barbara. Several were spotted within a few days floating around the city.

Looking north towards the mountains. Notice the yellow parachute- another hang glider!

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The Santa Barbara beach looking out towards the Pacific Ocean.

Birds digging for their dinner as the tide rushes out for a few moments trapping unsuspecting delicacies.

The Chase Palm Park, across the street from the beach and within a few minutes walk from State Street and the Warf, features a natural setting, mixed with a manicured park for events, children's playground, even a carousel.

A skateboard park just at the edge of the warf's entrance on State Street is a popular hang out.

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