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Former Producer's Memoirs Offer Unique Look at Johnny Carson

PROVIDENCE, R.I., Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Long before Letterman and Leno, millions of TV viewers looked forward to late-night laughs courtesy of Johnny Carson. Sy Kasoff remembers his colleague and the host of "The Tonight Show" in his autobiography "More Than Laughter: My Days on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" (available through AuthorHouse).

Kasoff takes readers behind the multi-colored curtain of NBC's storied talk show for a look at how Carson and the rest of the crew transformed a good idea into a global phenomenon.

He shares his memories of working on the show in a variety of positions, from talent coordinator to producer. In addition to offering rare firsthand accounts of the daily routine of one of television's greatest programs, he takes an intimate look at the show's shining star, Carson, during times when the cameras were rolling and when the stage lights went down.

"Johnny, as a talk show host, was an anomaly from the start - too private a person to ever be comfortable in the one-on-one exchanges that are the mainspring of the game, yet he succeeded by parlaying a quick and engaging wit with a kind of 'Everyman' sensibility, holding a mirror up to his audience through which they saw, 10 times over, refracted images of themselves," Kasoff says.

With quiet authority and astute observations, Kasoff gives readers a backstage pass into a world many never see. "More Than Laughter" remembers a man who made the world laugh, who brought them the stars every night and served all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood in delectable slices for everyone to enjoy.

Following "The Tonight Show," Kasoff produced a special six-hour talk show and fundraiser for Ethel and Bobby Kennedy's favorite charity, Junior Village. He also produced three syndicated talk shows, "Pat Boone in Hollywood," "The Ed Nelson Show" and "The His & Her of It." He is now retired and lives a fairly quiet life in Providence, R.I.

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