Becoming a NASCAR Technician

In 2001, NASCAR attracted nearly 7 million spectators and almost 80 million television viewers, making NASCAR one of the fastest growing sports in entertainment history.

It would seem that Americans have an insatiable need for speed, and the bad boys (and girls) of NASCAR have little trouble attracting adoring fans from around the world.  But not one of these drivers would make it even once around the track without the support of the countless mechanics, technicians, and automotive engineers who ensure safety, speed, and reliability.

If you've always wanted to get in the action, but don't feel you can stomach 5Gs of force while sitting close to a 140° engine, perhaps becoming a NASCAR technician is an option worth considering.

Attending Auto Mechanic School for NASCAR

Although NASCAR promotes an image as one big happy family, make no mistake; competition both on and off the track can be incredibly fierce.  This is why securing extensive training and certification from an accredited auto mechanic school is crucial if you want to play in the big leagues.

A standard associates degree from an auto mechanic school is a great way to get your start.  But be sure to select a program that specializes in auto racing and diesel technology.  In this way, your curriculum will incorporate high octane fuel, diesel engines, road safety, automotive repair, automotive design, and countless other areas germane to the larger world of NASCAR racing.

And of course, no NASCAR education would be complete without background training in auto racing cosmetics.  With aerodynamics spoilers, fire engine red paint, corporate logos, and various bells and whistles, you'll be responsible for making sure that your team's car is sleek, beautiful, and eye-catching every time it leaves the pit.

That's what becoming a NASCAR technician is all about.

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