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Gain the artistic, technical, and business expertise
needed to succeed in visual communications.

Degree programs in professional photography, motion film & video
production, visual journalism, and visual communications are available.

Located in Santa Barbara and Ventura, California, for over 60 years Brooks Institute has prided itself on its experiential learning experience.  The photography school's innovative programs have graduated some of the leading visual artists in the industry.

Students receive a comprehensive education taught by experienced professionals in photography, motion picture, and graphic design. Santa Barbara and Ventura, California also have much to offer tourists and residents alike including great beaches and fun night spots. Ventura has a favorable reputation among surfers while Santa Barbara is popular for its many parks.

Degree Programs

Brooks Institute offers comprehensive degree programs in:

  • Professional Photography
  • Visual Journalism
  • Film and Video Production
  • Visual Communication

Classes are taught by experts in their fields who take great care in being accessible and involved teachers in order to provide an inspiring educational experience for their students. The school's faculty offers a hands-on and student-focused education that challenges students to reach their full potential in their professions.

The Institute's student-centered approach incorporates a Career Services Department that assists students and graduates in finding employment by offering resume and cover letter assistance among many other services. Moreover, students enjoy nearby Santa Barbara and Ventura, California-- both cities are well-known for their beaches and vibrant artistic communities that appeal to aspiring photographers.

Bachelor of Arts - Film and Video Production

This program prepares students for media careers that involve motion picture development, production and post-production, such as camera operator, associate producer, or production assistant.

Students have access to industry current equipment, such as cameras, lighting, computers and more and will film on former Hollywood sound stages. Some of the coursework this program requires includes: Music Video Production, Digital Animation, Advanced Cinematography, and Directing and Screenwriting.

Bachelor of Arts - Professional Photography

he shared Lower Division training focuses on basic and intermediate photographic skill mastery, and specialized training within one of six concentration tracks in the Upper Division. With Majors such as; Commercial, Advertising, Industrial/Scientific, Portraiture, Digital Imaging, and Digital Media photography and specialty courses including: Underwater, Travel, Celebrity, Nature, and Architectural photography, students can customize their education to fit their interests.

Bachelor of Arts - Visual Communication

This program is designed to prepare students for Visual Communication and related graphic design careers, such as an illustrator, page layout designer, or staff designer. Through coursework, lectures and encouraged internships, students can gain technical and creative problem solving skills needed for careers in this field. Among the courses will take include: Design Principals, Multimedia Production, Web Site Development and Introduction to Digital Animation.

Bachelor of Arts - Visual Journalism

This program trains students to be non-fiction storytellers using digital cameras, digital video and computer software. Unlike conventional photo journalism programs, the Brooks Visual Journalism program prepares students to share photos and images beyond newspaper and print mediums to include television, internet, film and even cell phone related devices offering students a competitive career advantage. Some of the required coursework includes: Documentary Photography, Video Production, Location Lighting, and Multimedia.

Master "Professional Photography

In today's marketplace, many corporate and educational positions require advanced degrees. Brooks Institute provides an innovative Master of Science Degree in Photography created for the working professional. Courses are offered on weekends only to permit study without local residence, and are balanced between theory and individual research to provide a solid understanding appropriate to a professional photography career.

Masters students are introduced to a broad spectrum of disciplines in visual communications including theory, history, fine art, business, science, mass media, psychology, and thesis documentation. Students are required to complete 36 units of graduate coursework including the successful production of a culminating document.

Coursework consists of three trimesters comprised of 15 weeks each. The degree is designed to be completed in nine trimesters; however, a student may elect up to 13 trimesters from his/her initial start date to complete the program.

Find disclosures on graduation rates, student financial obligations and more at www.brooks.edu/disclosures

Sources: brooks.edu

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