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The Art Institutes

The Art Institutes system of schools is a leading educator of students in the creative and applied arts, including design, media, fashion, and culinary programs.

Every program of study offered to you is regularly reviewed by industry leaders, advisors, and employers for relevance in the marketplace.

Changes are made, if necessary, to integrate subject matter into the curriculum so that our degree programs reflect the way things are done in the real world of work.

Our graduates are employed by companies of all types and sizes, including MTV, Nintendo of America, and Walt Disney & Affiliates. Programs listed are not offered at all locations.

Culinary Arts

Our culinary students come to us from different levels of experience but they all share the same thing — a passion for cooking. And they know something else: There are no shortcuts to a great culinary education. It’s why they are here.

At The Art Institutes, our students study traditional, fundamental cooking skills. And they explore the realities of working in restaurants and the food service industry. Watch the professionals at work as you pass by the kitchen of your favorite restaurant. It’s orchestrated chaos and hard work. It’s opportunity in a thriving industry, just waiting for your vision of the next great meal. Discover your culinary vision at The Art Institutes.


Do you have that discerning eye that notices type treatments on commercials, or perhaps become envious over a great-looking chair? In design, you will create the interesting visuals that have an impact in our everyday lives. Get prepared to study programs such as graphic design, industrial design or interior design at The Art Institutes. Launch your creative career with The Art Institutes advantage.


Fashion designers, marketers, and merchandisers are the creators of everyday art as we wrap ourselves in their vision. Remember that the fashion industry is more than creativity and passion — it’s also extremely competitive. That’s why our Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing programs at The Art Institutes focus on the creative and business aspects of this fast-paced industry.

Take your first steps with The Art Institutes. You'll get hands-on training from industry professionals and the career support you need to land your career. What will your impact be in fashion? Where will your designs, inspiration, and business acumen take you? Take your first steps with The Art Institutes.


Are you a natural storyteller? As a media professional, it’s up to you to think big about all of the amazing technology at your fingertips without losing sight of what makes a good story in the first place. Many of our programs in Media Arts have a strong design and drawing component in their curriculum — hey, if you don’t know how the human body moves, how are you going to animate it? 

At the Art Institutes, we train you, hands-on, with the software that you need to understand the blend of technology and media. You'll be prepared to launch your career in broadcasting, photography, digital media production, visual effects and more at The Arts Institutes.

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Develop your portfolio at The Art Institutes and get a competitive advantage.

The Art Institutes - Campuses in Multiple Locations

Arlington, VA: The Art Institute of Washington
• Atlanta, GA: The Art Institute of Atlanta
• Brookline, MA: The New England Institute of Art
• Charleston, SC: The Art Institute of Charleston (SM)
• Charlotte, NC: The Art Institute of Charlotte
• Chicago, IL: The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago
• Cincinnati, OH: The Art Institute of Ohio - Cincinnati
• Dallas, TX: The Art Institute of Dallas
• Denver, CO: The Art Institute of Colorado
• Ft. Lauderdale, FL: The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
• Houston, TX: The Art Institute of Houston
• Indianapolis, IN: The Art Institute of Indianapolis
• Inland Empire, CA: The Art Institute of California - Inland Empire
• Jacksonville, FL: The Art Institute of Jacksonville
• Las Vegas, NV: The Art Institute of Las Vegas
• Los Angeles (Mid-Wilshire), CA: California Design College
• Los Angeles (Santa Monica), CA: The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles
• Miami, FL: Miami International University of Art & Design
• Minneapolis, MN: The Art Institutes International Minnesota
• Nashville, TN: The Art Institute of Nashville
• New York, NY: The Art Institute of New York City
• Orange County, CA: The Art Institute of California - Orange County
• Philadelphia, PA: The Art Institute of Philadelphia
• Phoenix, AZ: The Art Institute of Phoenix
• Pittsburgh, PA: The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
• Portland, OR: The Art Institute of Portland
• Sacramento, CA: The Art Institute of Sacramento
• Salt Lake City UT: The Art Institute of Salt Lake City (SM)
• San Diego, CA: The Art Institute of California - San Diego
• San Francisco, CA: The Art Institute of California - San Francisco
• Schaumburg, IL: The Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg
• Seattle, WA: The Art Institute of Seattle
• Tampa, FL: The Art Institute of Tampa
• Vancouver, BC: The Art Institute of Vancouver
• The Art Institute of Vancouver (Dubrelle Culinary Arts Location), The Art Institute of Vancouver (Burnaby Location) and The Art Institute of Vancouver (Downtown Location). 
• York, PA: Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts

Locations just added:

  • Toronto
  • Houston-North
  • Virginia Beach
  • Forth Worth
  • San Antonio