Entertainment Magazine: Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Weekend

Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Weekend

By David Krell

Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery WeekendThere are few things as priceless as being happily fooled- so much so that every reader is probably trying to guess exactly what that means and is most likely thinking of the Usual Suspects and Keyser Soze as their best example.  

I think of magicians.  The way they manipulate our senses over and over for as long as their show time allows.

The difference between magic and being "happily fooled" though is that we not only know we are going to be amazed by David Blaine, but we know his limitations as well.  We know far in advance that he is going to stay underwater for a six hours, and although amazing, he doesn't usually reach that.

Nothing against Mr. Blaine, but until he flies through my window telling me of a lost island where all the dead musicians reside, he does what I have come to expect.  Of course I am amazed by his talents, but I am not shocked by them.  In his defense, how can something live up to what we have had months, years and decades to create in our minds?

Living up to one's ideal is impossible by name, as the ideal is and should be unattainable.  Therefore, the essence of trickery is never allowing a person to know what he or she is trying to attain or the manner in which he or she is trying to attain it.

Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery WeekendPhoto right: Jim Thorpe Inn , Jim Thorpe, PA

Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Weekend plays upon that idea, and does it well.

Upon arrival, cocktails are served.  Guests survey their cohorts, pretend to get to know each other, and take mental notes on what he or she thinks is going on.  The constant dawn of possible suspects and ideas lead to napkin scribbles, and an immediate hiding of said napkin.  

We were soon introduced to Rocco, our police detective for the weekend, who was not only our eyes, ears and protector, but our comic relief for nearly every moment and every one-liner that needed to be said.  The writers fooled us, Rocco entertained us.

Before guests could get past the initial hesitation of how one goes about solving a mystery they know nothing about, a woman was shot and killed in plain sight.  No it wasn't frightening, yes it was a bit cheesy, but I had no idea it was going to happen and I still don't know why.

Meals and cocktail hours led to investigations, comical asides and random interrogations that hovered between hilarious, purposeful and predictable.  

As the weekend progressed, it was clear when certain speeches and found evidence were meant to sway our attention, but that did not make solving the mystery any easier, it simply added variables to an already complex and enjoyable scenario.  I later found out that only one or two people out of 40 solve the case correctly, and furthermore, that I was the only person in attendance who did not pledge allegiance to the show, "Law and Order.”

Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery WeekendOver the course of the weekend, I was accused of being a bad waiter and a terrible liar on multiple occasions, but after finding out that the friend I had just met and confided in all weekend was an actor and made up almost everything we discussed, I was in shock.  

I also thought I solved the mystery on three separate occasions, but not until the very end did I even come close.

This past weekend, I was happily fooled.  I felt vulnerable, confident, sociable and introverted all within minutes of each other- and although I did not solve the mystery, I had fun thinking I did.

For more information visit: www.murdermystery.com

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